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Peking University Sixth Hospital contributes “Chinese prescription” to global anti-epidemic fight

APR . 14 2020
Peking University, April 14, 2020: With the global spread of COVID-19, international cooperation becomes essential in the fight against the pandemic. Peking University Sixth Hospital has been playing an active role during the outbreak, constantly sharing China’s experience and expertise with the global community.

As the clinical, talent-training, and scientific research base of psychiatry and mental hygienics in China and WHO Beijing Mental Health Collaborating Center for Research and Training, Peking University Sixth Hospital has been providing multiple services during the COVID-19 outbreak.

To share China’s measures and policies against COVID-19, Peking University Sixth Hospital translated several guidelines released by National Health Commission of China, including Guideline for Psychological Assistance and Social Work Services in Designated Hospitals for COVID-19, Key Points of Psychological Crisis Intervention for Different Populations during COVID-19, Guidelines for Psychological First Aid during COVID-19 Outbreak. These works aroused extensive attention from mainstream media and have been forwarded in order to help spread the information and help all nations fight the epidemic.

At the beginning of February, the psychological emergency rescue team of the Peking University Sixth Hospital launched a series of videos online. The videos taught people how to stabilize themselves, isolate the trauma, and relax, which helped a large number of medical workers, patients, and the general public regain energy and continue to fight against the epidemic. Recently, the coronavirus epidemic has swept through over 200 countries and regions, causing widespread panic and psychological stress. Regarding this, the Peking University Sixth Hospital shared the English version of these videos, so as to help the global anti-epidemic fight.

Peking University Sixth Hospital will continue their efforts, assisting in the anti-epidemic fight through scientific measures.

Written by: Wang Yupin, Cherlin Xu
Edited by: Wang Xi
Source: PKU News (Chinese)