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First Training Session for CYL Secretaries of Universities and Colleges in China visit PKU

MAR . 25 2009

Peking University, Beijing, March 24, 2009: The first training session in 2009 for the Chinese Youth League (CYL) secretaries of universities and colleges in China, including 200 colleges and universities including all the "985 Project" and "211 Project" colleges and universities, visited Peking University on the morning of March 22nd. Wang Songshan and Wang Liang, the the Director and Deputy Director of University Ministry of School Bureau, Central CYL attended the activities. Secretary Han Liu, Deputy Secretary Zheng Qingwen, Yao Jingyi and Shi Shanfeng of PKUCYL, took part in the reception.

The training session presented the report on the work of the PKU Communist Youth League (CYL), watched the cultural activities on the campus, and visited the sights of PKU.

PKUCYL gave "Win the Future: 2006-2008 Documentation and Consideration of Peking University Backbone Training Camp", "Associationist: |Youth Stories from Peking University (Second Edition)" and other books as gifts to the training class.

Edited By : Yan Jiefei

Translated By : Chen Zhenxia

Source : PKU News (Chinese)