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Ceremony Held for PKU Eagles Mountaineering Club 20th Anniversary and Eagles Fund Launch

APR . 15 2009

Peking University, Beijing, April 14, 2009:The 20th anniversary ceremony of the PKU Eagles Mountaineering Club and the opening ceremony of the Eagles Fund was held in Sunshine Hall of the Yingjie Exchange Center on the afternoon of April 3rd. Lin Yanzhi, Executive Vice Chairman of the Jilin Province Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, Chen Jia-er, former President of Peking University and academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Wang Yongfeng, Vice President of the Chinese Mountaineering Association and the Captain of the Chinese Mountaineering Team, Wang Shi, honorary Vice Chairman of the Chinese Mountaineering Association and Chairman of the Board of Vanke Group, Wang Shicheng, Professor of School of Mathematical Sciences, PKU and academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Zhang Yan, Deputy Party Secretary of Peking University, Han Liu, Director of Students’ Extra-Curricular Activities Center, Hao Guang-an, Director of Department of Physical Education and Sport Science, Yu Changjiang, associate professor of the Department of Sociology, and advisor of scientific investigation of Eagles Mountaineering Club, representatives of students’ associations in PKU and other colleges and universities, and members of the Eagles Mountaineering Club attended the opening ceremony and reviewed the 20-year history of the association.

The opening ceremony consisted of three parts, each titled, “Love”, “Growth” and “Responsibility”.

Cao Jun, the second president of the Eagles Mountaineering Club and the Secretary-General of Shenzhen Municipal Mountaineering Association, Wang Yongfeng and Lin Yanzhi, and Wang Shicheng and Yu Changjiang, delivered their speeches for each part, respectively.

A formal opening ceremony of the Eagles Fund was launched. The Eagles Fund of PKU, started on November 11th, 2008, was part of PKU Education Foundation, and was managed and supported by foundation. Lin Yanzhi, Chen Jia-er, Wang Yongfeng, and Wang Shi did the ribbon-cutting for the ceremony.

The anniversary ceremony includes games and other kinds of campus activities aiming at the dissemination of concepts of scientific investigation, and the promotion of outdoor sports.

Edited By : Yan Jiefei

Translated By : Chen Zhenxia

Source : PKU News (Chinese)