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Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping Visits PKU

MAY . 13 2009

Peking University. Beijing, May 12, 2009: Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping, accompanied by a delegation, visited Peking University on the morning of May 6 to inspect and guide the activities of studying the scientific outlook on development.


Vice President Xi inspected the History Museum of the University, the Micro Processor Research and Development Center, and the School of Life Sciences. Then he spoke with representatives of the faculty and students of the University in Yingjie Exchange Center.


After the brief account of the University’s activities of studying the “Scientific Outlook on Development” given by Secretary Min Weifang, Vice President Xi delivered an important speech, which spoke highly of the University’s achievements in education, scientific research, and social services. As the first comprehensive university in modern China, PKU was the center of New Culture Movement, the cradle of May Fourth Movement, and the first place to spread Marxism and the democratic and scientific ideas. Since the reform and open-up of China, the University has made substantial progress in overall quality and international influence. Now PKU was advancing towards becoming a world-class university. 


As to the activities of studying the Scientific Outlook on Development, Comrade Xi said that they had been effectively organized and conducted in the University. And the study and practice activities of PKU had stepped into the phrase of analysis and examination. He hoped that the University would continue to give an outstanding performance during this phrase, and the meeting on the democratic life of the University leadership should be held and substantial, effective and useful reports should also be made.


Edited by: Yan Jiefei

Translated by: LIN Jingxian

Source: PKU News (Chinese)