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Volunteers Ready for National Day Tourists

OCT . 04 2009

Peking University, Beijing, Sep 29: Sightseeing in the northwest of Beijing during the National Day holidays, a tourist is to receive help from volunteers of Peking University.


On Sep.27, key volunteers attended trainings like emergency response and management in Haidian Park to better prepare them to serve at the coming tourism season.


According to the Communist Youth League of China Peking University Committee, 540 PKU volunteers will serve both on campus and in Haidian Park, just west of the university. They will volunteer in direction giving, on-spot guiding and oral interpreting for tourists from around the world.


PKU Youth League, which is in charge of the volunteer work, has offered a special package for the mission, including recruitment, training, logistics, public communication evaluation, etc. Among the applicants and those recommended by schools and departments, 540 are selected.


Home to over 3000 volunteers for the Beijing Olympics last year, Peking University has an effective mechanism in volunteer work. For the special occasion of the 60th anniversary of the People’s Republic, PKU volunteers are trained in general and specialized fields with handbooks, according to responsibilities of different posts.


The National Day holiday, like Spring Festival and May Day holiday, is one of the “Golden Weeks” in China when the number of tourists peaks. Coinciding with the Mid-autumn Festival - China’s traditional holiday for family reunion - on Oct.3, this year’s 8-day October holiday is the longest ever. According to Xinhua News Agency, 200 million tourists nationwide are estimated.


Also on Sep.28, Beijing’s Subway Line 4 started operation. Xinhua reports that the new north-to-south subway line will accommodate 400,000 passengers a day on average. With stations of Zhongguancun, East Gate of PKU and Yuanmingyuan Park, it will certainly help boost the economy and tourism of this region.



Translated by: Jacques

Edited by: Seren

Source: PKU News (Chinese)