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Prof. Li Chengyan Delivered Speech at Opening Ceremony of HK Centre of Anti-Corruption Studies

APR . 10 2009

Peking University, Beijing, Apr. 10, 2009: The Opening Ceremony of the Hong Kong Centre of Anti-Corruption Studies was held in April 2. Wong Yan-lung, Secretary for Justice of Hong Kong, and Timothy Tong, Commissioner of Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC), emceed the ceremony. The aim of the center is to combine theoretical research with the results of empirical investigations, so as to offer a unique resource for researchers and policy-makers working on anti-corruption reform, and enhance the communication and cooperation between Hong Kong, Mainland China, and the rest of the world.


Nearly two hundred scholars, experts, and government officers from Hong Kong, Macao, the USA, the U.K., and Transparency International attended the ceremony. The lectures in the seminar that followed the ceremony included officers for the USA Justice and Office of Government Ethics, lords of British House of Lords, researchers from University of Cambridge, officers of Transparency International, and scholars from universities in Mainland China as well.


Prof. Li Chengyan, Party Secretary of School of Government of PKU, Director of PKU Centre of Anti-Corruption Studies, was invited to the opening ceremony and delivered a speech on the theme of “Study on Laws and Regulations System of Anti-Corruption in China” which attracted the attendees’ attentions. The lecture discussed the status quo, implementation, and development of China’s laws and regulations system of anti-corruption, and related specific issues such as the coordination between laws and party disciplines, the unification of the sentencing criterion and death penalty for corrupt officials. During the seminar, he also discussed thoroughly with present experts on the latest development of international anti-corruption studies, and the communication and cooperation between Mainland China, Special Administrative Regions, and international anti-corruption institutes.


Edited by: Seren

Translated by: Su Juan

Source: PKU News (Chinese)