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12 PKU Shenzhen Graduate School Teachers Awarded Shenzhen’s Most-Talented

MAR . 11 2009

Peking University, Beijing, March 10, 2009: Twelve teachers of the PKU Shenzhen Graduate School were granted with the honor of the “Most-Talented Professionals in Shenzhen” title. Specifically, 10 local high-level talents and 2 reserve leaders were identified being the first group to receive this honorary award, where a total of 53 national and local high-level talents and reserve leading talents received certificates.


The City of Shenzhen issued file titled, “The Implementation Suggestions on Strengthening High-Level Professional Team Building" and six other supporting documents in October 2008. The municipal’s Department of Personnel, Labor and Social Security grant the identification, according to the document, "Measures for Identification of High-Level Professionals in Shenzhen City".


The identification synthetically assess these professionals of their ability, character and knowledge, and classify them into three levels, national, local and reserve talents. Particularly, the level of national talents implies any persons who have been awarded with the seven classes, such as Academicians of Chinese Academy of Sciences or high-skilled personnel awarded "Chinese Skills Awards", in the last 5 years. On the other hand, local talents include ten classes, such as personnel that enjoy the special governmental allowance financed by State Council. While reserve talents consist of five classes, such as personnel who have won the second prize of the provincial or ministerial Science and Technology Award in the last 5 years.


The term of this honorary title is 5 years. When the term is expired, identification of this title can be applied again. The identified high-level professionals of Shenzhen would be awarded the certificate of “High-Level Professionals”, and then enjoy the associated preferential policies on housing, spouse’s employment, children’s enrollment, academic training, health care and so on.

More teachers of PKU Shenzhen Graduate School, who are eligible for the national leading talents, local leading talents and reserve leading talents are declaring for the identification.


Edited by: Yan Jiefei

Translated by : Chen Zhenxia

Source : PKU News (Chinese)