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PKU holds Shenzhen Alumni Conference

APR . 21 2009

Peking University, Beijing, April 21, 2009: The Shenzhen Alumni Conference of Peking University was held in the PKU Shenzhen Graduate School on the morning of April 19th. More than 800 alumni gathered for the conference when they considered and adopted at the 8th Party Member List of the PKU Alumni Association in Shenzhen.

PKU President, Zhou Qifeng, Former PKU President Xu Zhihong, President of PKU Alumni Association, Zhang Bigong, President of Shenzhen University, Wang Suiming, Standing Committee member of the Shenzhen Municipal Government Committee and director of Shenzhen Organization Department of CPC Municipal Committee, Hai Wen, vice president of PKU and President of Shenzhen Graduate School, Shi Shouxu, PKU President’s Assistant and Executive Vice President of the Shenzhen Graduate School, Gao Guohui, the new president of the PKU Alumni Association in Shenzhen and Deputy Secretary-General of the Shenzhen Municipal Government, and other members of the new and late party attended the meeting.

The General Assembly adopted the 8th Party Member List of the PKU Alumni Association in Shenzhen and selected Gao Guohui to be the new president, Li Hao, Xu Qin, Hai Wen, Ren Kelei, Wang Suiming, Li Huanan, Zhang Bigong, Zhang Weidong, Ding Keyi, Shi Shouxu to be honorary presidents and Li Wei to be the Secretary-General. Xu Zhihong, Zhou Qifeng, Hai Wen and Shi Shouxu presented the letter of appointment for the members of the new working party.

PKU alumni in Shenzhen brought their children's used books to the conference, signed their encouragement and donated to the Hope Primary School in the earthquake-stricken area before the conference, and participated in the workshop with three sections about “Growth Enterprises Market”, “real estate”, and “Genes and Health” after the conference.

The PKU Alumni Association in Shenzhen has been set up for more than a decade. Its current registration has reached 4,000.

Edited by: Yan Jiefei

Translated By : Chen Zhenxia

Source : PKU News (Chinese)