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PKU Department of Teaching and Research English Website Assessment Team Held Conference

OCT . 29 2009

Peking University, Beijing, October 28, 2009: The Peking University (PKU) Department of Teaching and Research English Website Assessment Team held its first conference at Room 103 of the department’s office building on the morning of October 26. The members of the Expert Panel on Informatization Process of PKU, the Office of Informatization (OI), the Propaganda Department of the CPC PKU Committee, Office of International Relations, Computer Center of PKU, School of Foreign Languages, and Department of Information Management attended the conference. Prof. Chi Huisheng, former Executive Vice-President of PKU and Director of the Expert Panel on Informatization Process, hosted this conference.


Members hard at work during the meeting


In order to improve the overall level and the stable development of the PKU Department of Teaching and Research English websites, OI, Propaganda Department of the CPC PKU Committeeand Office of International Relations will assess these English websites at the end of this semester. This conference is a crucial aspect of the assessment work.


At the beginning, Mr. Huang Dawu, Director of OI, introduced the overall constructing situation of the Department’s English website and the progress of this assessment work. He hoped that the assessment can promote the development of these English websites. Subsequently, the members of OI introduced the details of the assessment work. During the discussion session of improving the construction of the English websites, the presented experts exchanged their ideas on the richness of the English websites’ contents, the news’ update frequency, and the value standards of the assessment work.


Finally, Prof. Chi Huisheng pointed out that the construction of English websites is an important part in the process of making PKU a world-renown university. He stressed that the assessment work of English websites was to promote the development of existing websites as well as to urge the departmentswho have no English websites to build their own websites. He also hoped that the members of the Expert Team should regard this work seriously, reflect problems back to OI timely, and form a comprehensive analytical report in the end. He also asked the members of OI to analyze their experience and weaknesses during their work in order to improve the level of English websites. In the meantime, he required them to help these departments to build and maintain the websites. At last, he suggested that the staffs of OI should enhance the contact with teachers and students and let them know the process of the websites’ construction. They should also know the suggestions and comments to these websites fromall sectors of society in order to finish the assessment work successfully.


Translated by:Su Juan

Edited by: Jennifer Yan

Source:PKU News (Chinese)