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PKU Undergraduate Wins Second Place in 2009 “CCTV Cup” English Speaking Contest

NOV . 19 2009

Peking University, Beijing, Nov. 18, 2009: On November 15, the 2009 “CCTV Cup” English Speaking Contest concluded at CCTV’s tenth studio, where Zhao Xinkan from PKU’s Yuanpei College of Peking University (PKU) won the second place in the final contest. His tutors, Ma Xiaoqi and Ke Yan from the School of Foreign Languages of PKU, gave him a lot of help during the entire contest.


The 2009 “CCTV Cup” English Speaking Contest began in the middle of October. After three regionally selective contests, Zhao Xinkan went into the national semifinal ranking first in the Beijing regional contest. The national semifinal, which began at the beginning of November, made a selection of 23 from the 90 participating candidates. Under the guidance of his tutors, Zhao Xinkan went into the final competitions smoothly and resulted in second place.


For the final round, only 6 candidates would continue. Thus, Zhao Xinkan’s two tutors continued to help him to collect materials, modify his manuscripts, and simulate debates. Living to the expectations, Zhao Xinkan went into the final and gained the “Award of Audiences’ Favorite Player”.


On the evening of the final, Zhao Xinkan performed excellently and won the second place of 2009 “CCTV Cup” English Speaking Contest.


Translated by: Su Juan

Edited by: Jennifer Yan

Source: PKU News (Chinese)