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Associate Professor Qin Xuezheng Interviewed in CCTV-NEWS

JUL . 26 2015
Peking University, July 26, 2015: On July 23, Associate Professor Qin Xuezheng from School of Economics was invited to the World Insight Program, recorded by the English channel of China Central Television, which is a round-up of world news and current affairs. Dr. Qin served as a scholar guest to participate in roundtable discussion on population obese issue. Dr. Eric Ding from School of Public Health, Harvard University was invited as foreign expert.

Dr. Qin said that the current situation of population obese was worrisome. The latest data showed that overweight and obese population had accounted for more than 40% of China's total population, and the proportion was still rising. He analyzed the main causes and solutions of the problem. During the discussion, Dr. Qin also expressed his views over issues such as the impacts of American fast-food culture to our diet as well as economic growth and obese globalization.
Video link for the program:

Source: School of Economics