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Living & Learning / Embracing the chance to do what I love

JUL . 02 2018
Amane Okina, second from left, with Dashan, third from right, and team members at the PKUTV studio

My first school year at Peking University was also a special year for the school. May 4, 2018, was the 120th anniversary of Peking University. Let me introduce one of the best events, among many related events, I took part in over the past couple of months.

This whole semester, I worked on a project making a series of TV shows in which international alumni of PKU were interviewed. Our group’s guest was Dashan, aka Mark Rosewell, a popular Canadian comedian in China. From preparing questions to editing the video and writing Chinese and English subtitles, we spent a good deal of time in and out of classes. Our video was to be on PKUTV, the college’s TV station.

I am a media student. This project involved things I love to do, but was different from any of the work I had made for classes or the TV station. “We are releasing this under the name of the university. There cannot be even one mistake.” The professor’s words suddenly reminded me of what is required of me as a professional. After making repetitive, very sensitive corrections to details, our program was released. “Now we must have reached CCTV standard,” we said jokingly to each other, never even imagining Liu Xin, a CCTV host, would commend our work as “excellent.”

I was born and grew up in Japan. As an international student who has never lived in China before, at first it wasn’t easy for me to understand the culture of the media and communication style here. “Once you get into college, you might feel you are ordinary. So just do what you like.” My sempai gave me these words after the entrance ceremony, and I’m glad that I spent my first year like this. Besides being a good student in class, I always want to find my place in various activities and institutions. Besides PKUTV, I work for PKU Radio and the departmental student council. Through these activities, I can gain more practical experience while having more chances to interact with my friends.

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Peking University

Founded in 1898, the national university is deemed the top institution for higher education in China. Notable alumni include Mao Zedong, the founding father of the People's Republic of China, and Li Keqiang, the current prime minister.

Source: Tha Japan News