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Seven-time world champion Liu Wei shares her inspiring stories from Peking University

OCT . 31 2019
Peking University, Oct. 31, 2019: Seven-time world champion Liu Wei shared her inspiring stories with students and teachers from the Affiliated High School of Peking University on Wednesday.

"The spirit of sport can enable youngsters to harbor the right attitude towards failure and setbacks. Nowadays, schools in China should make full use of physical education," Liu said.

Liu recalled that she studied ping-pong from about five or six years old. At the age of eight, the Chinese team won all titles at the world championships. At that time, Liu planted the seeds of the world champion in her heart.

Liu won many championships during her career, whether it was as a youth champion or a national champion. However, after the year of 1987, she began to encounter her "bottom time".

"The bad time didn't end until 1991 when I got the world championship for the first time. And the torturing four years gave me big trial which taught me how to overcome difficulties and to fight for my country before the temptation to play for other teams," Liu said.

Gaining seven world championships, Liu ended her ping-pong life as a runner-up in the doubles of the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games. She felt very regretful and chose to retire soon after.

"After retiring, I first went to Japan to teach for a period of time, then returned to China for further study and studied at Peking University," Liu said.

Liu Wei

From an athlete to a norm student, Liu felt a huge drop in mood. "I was confident in the competitive field and a master of everything. When I arrived at Peking University, I started to feel helpless. When I faced the exam, I felt anxious and frightened. I was dwarfed in the vast ocean of knowledge. This prompted me to increase my efforts," Liu said.

"I didn't cry when I won the championship seven times on the podium, but I cried at the graduation ceremony of Peking University for the bachelor's degree."

After years of hard work, Liu has finally obtained a doctor's degree.

"Now, as a teacher at Peking University, I carry out ping-pong teaching through online teaching, offline studio and international training, I can tap the potential of students and athletes, and study the role of physical education in talent training and youth growth," said Liu Wei.

"Now some students feel a great blow when they encounter a little setback. Our education should be great. We should promote the sporting spirit of striving, refusing to lose and never giving up so that physical education can deliver positive energy and play a greater role."

Source: Xinhua