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CGTN Tian Wei: “An Insight to the World”

OCT . 27 2017
Peking University, Oct. 27, 2017: Tian Wei, a leading TV anchorwoman for international broadcasting who is now working for China Global Television Network (CGTN), came to Peking University and gave a wonderful lecture to students of the class of English News Reading this Wednesday, at the invitation of Professor He Shu at Peking University.

Tian has rich experience in journalism practice. Before joining CGTN, or China Central Television, she had been working in Washington as a correspondent and successfully covered not only American politics and U.S.-China relations, but also wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. After the wars, she came back to China to take care of her ageing grandma. Meanwhile, she joined CCTV International and co-hosted Dialogue for ten years. After that, she has established a pioneering syndicated show “World Insight with Tian Wei” on CGTN. It coincides with the time when China is coming to the center of the world stage. She said this is the most important time of her career as a journalist as the world attention is on China and all things related to China all the time!

And in today’s talk, Ms. Tian mainly focused on her experience as a journalist, and her ever strong passion for journalism, whether it is at the place where news is happening, or in the studio, to link and host discussions with key figures from all over the world for live TV.

She recalled the time when she was a Washington Correspondent in the United States, and shared with us her efforts to learn and demonstrate to the international press scene there the professional qualities of Chinese journalists.

She also shared her ideas about the missions of journalists in the NEW Era. “We help different voices from all over the world to be heard on world platforms, such as our programs.” Her words illustrated a responsible image of a reasoned international journalist with a global vision.

Tian got the chances of interviewing many celebrities in the fields of academia, business and politics, with her rich experience in journalism practice and top-class ability of communication, and most importantly professional and hard work. And during the lecture, Tian mentioned her encounters on and off camera with many renowned people such as Hillary Clinton, Antonio Guterres, Ban Ki-Moon, etc. She also passionately recounted her in-depth report on poverty alleviation in China through her encounter with a girl from poverty-stricken area, in Gansu on the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty this year after which she shared her understandings on the responsibility of media professionals in the new era.

Tian with Hillary Clinton

“As a journalist, you need to be ready to challenge and be challenged at any time, and you need to ask real questions.” Indeed Ms. Tian gave us plenty of opportunities of “asking questions”. She answered the questions concentrating on personal choices, social focuses, and many other aspects using her own professional expertise with seriousness and humor. When professor He asked Tian Wei how she would report the new Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the 19th CPC Central Committee, Tian Wei told the whole class, “Watch my show tonight! It is the most important discussion on World Insight with Tian Wei tonight”.

The class gave a big applause to Ms. Tian, for her frank attitude and wonderful sharing. We respect her because she is a hardworking and passionate media professional. The atmosphere reached to its climax.

Tian Wei delivering a lecture (Photo/Jin Ge)

Before the lecture came to an end, Professor He presented a gift to Ms. Tian on behalf the class. Students took photos with Tian Wei happily.

Professor He Shu presenting a souvenir to Tian Wei 

With students (Photo/Jin Ge)

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Reported by: Li Zishuo
Edited by: Zhang Jiang