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Zhou Fude: Doctor of the Year in 2018

APR . 26 2019
Peking University, April 26, 2019: The annual event of "Searching for the Most Beautiful Doctors in 2018" announced a list of awardees, including Professor Zhou Fude, chief physician of Nephrology in Peking University First Hospital.

Zhou Fude
"Life is priceless. For every person you cure, you accumulate a piece of virtue. To cure the sickness is my responsibility, aspiration, and faith.” Being in charge of the diagnosis and treatment of difficult cases, Zhou believes, however desperate the patient's situation is, the possibility of survival will still remain. Thanks to his dedication, numerous patients had a narrow escape from severe illness.
A bold decision

In early November 2012, a doctor received a female patient suffering from refractory hypertension, repeated heart failure, and repeated acute renal failure. Frustrated by the failure of receiving multiple treatment in many hospitals, the patient was sent to the Department of Nephrology of PUFH. When the doctor came to Zhou for help, he argued that renal arteriography was necessary for the diagnosis. After discussing with other surgeons, the whole team decided to cure the patient through renal artery dilatation. Finally, the surgery was successfully performed and the patient fully recovered.
Saving lives in emergencies 
At the beginning of September 2011, Shang Yuemei, a patient with acute renal failure, was received by the Department of Nephrology, PUFH. Although the hope of recovery of renal function was no more than 7%, under the care and treatment of Zhou and other medical staff and having13 plasma exchanges and 72 hemodialysis sessions, Shang Yuemei's kidney function was partly recovered and her symptom could be treated by medicine instead of dialysis, which was a miracle of life.
Encouraging the desperate

On February 15, 2014, a 27-year-old girl with systemic vasculitis was accepted by PUFH for massive gastrointestinal bleeding. At that time, her hemoglobin value was only 5.4g/dl, less than half of the ordinary people. Daily blood transfusion and hematochezia had driven the patient and her family members to desperation. To drive away the heavy cloud of depression, Zhou cordially encouraged the girl to build up her confidence in fighting against the disease. Finally, the patient recovered from gastrointestinal bleeding and she was allowed to leave the hospital upon recovery.

Placing himself in the patient's shoes

As a doctor, Zhou always places himself in the patient's shoes. He is always the first one to come to the clinic and the last one to leave, making it possible to receive as many patients as possible.

Zhou is examining the patient

He also makes full use of his spare time to reply his patients’ consultation on the "Good Doctor Online" website and works till midnight. 
“Zhou is a good, kind man," His patients commented, “and a doctor with most remarkable inner beauty.”
Written by: Chen Yubing
Edited by: Wei Yunqi
Source: PKU News (Chinese)