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Raz Galor: Bridging two countries during COVID-19

JUN . 05 2020
Peking University, June 5, 2020: Raz Galor, an Israeli alumnus from PKU's School of International Studies, recently posted a video online to share his experience amid the global COVID-19 pandemic outbreak while expressing his gratitude to those who have contributed to the joint efforts responding to the disease and calling for more understanding and kindness.

"We got your back," is what Raz and his group said when China was in dire lack of medical supplies in February when the number of the coronavirus patients mounted within the country, and they backed up those words with action. Thousands of face masks, medical gloves and surgical coats were shipped from Israel to China with their help.

Now, when Raz and his fellow countrymen are in their time of need, Chinese people are giving back. Hundreds of people are sending medical equipment to Israel from Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, and other cities across China.

And the help doesn't stop there, doctors from the Peking Union Medical College Hospital have contacted many Israeli hospitals, sharing information on how to treat patients with COVID-19 as well as on how to effectively control and prevent the virus. Teachers from China shared their best practices for going back to campus with their counterparts in Israel.

The video has in total over 30 million views so far on domestic and oversea social media platforms, and has been liked and discussed by tens of thousands of netizens. One of the comments wrote, "The world need more and more people like you guys, to promote the bright side of our mankind, to make the future world better place to live. Great job! Massive appreciation!".

Unfortunately, racism and discrimination are still common, and this is especially troublesome during a time like this when so many people are already feeling isolated and helpless in the face of this global pandemic.

However, there are more people in this world who want to help each other and overcome these difficulties together. These people come from different countries, races, and beliefs, and demonstrate that kindness is integral to humanity.

Ending his video, Raz said "谢谢", thank you in Chinese, to the Chinese people as well as to those who helped with overcoming the crisis across the world. One person commented this to his video: "Thank you 高佑思 for showing your kindness not only toward the Chinese people but the whole world. That's the kind of the humanity the world needs the most at this very difficult time".

Another comment read, "I should thank you for your kindness and all cooperation between people we are fighting together to combat with the pandemic! Keep fighting my friend! Be safe and save more life as far as we can." Thank you Raz and your group, keep fighting!

Written by: Regina Kovacs
Edited by: Amanda Hu, Huang Weijian, Trevor