Attoclock photoelectron interferometry with two-color corotating circular fields

FEB . 28 2018
Peking University, Feb. 28, 2018: Recently, the research group led by Professor Liu Yunquan and Professor Gong Qihuang at Peking University, employs attosecond angular streaking with photoelectron interferometric metrology to reveal electron sub-Coulomb-barrier dynamics.

They use a weak perturbative corotating circularly polarized field (800 nm) to probe the strong-field ionization by an intense circularly polarized field (400 nm). In this double-pointer attoclock photoelectron interferometry, they introduce a spatially rotating temporal Young’s two-slit interferometer, in which the oppositely modulated wave packets originating from consecutive laser cycles are dynamically prepared and interfered. Developing a Fourier-transform algorithm on energy-resolved photoelectron interferograms, they can directly extract the amplitude and the phase of emitting electron wave packets from strong-field ionization. (Phys. Rev. Lett. 120, 073202 (2018).


Edited by: Zhang Jiang
Source: School of Physics