Li Liming's team publishes their research findings in Nutrients and Osteoporosis International

DEC . 14 2018

Peking University, Dec. 14, 2018: Professor Li Liming’s team published last month the latest research findings of the project “Prospective Study of Chinese Chronicle Diseases” in Nutrients and Osteoporosis International. The research is one of the studies of the Sino-UK collaborative project “Prospective Study of Chinese Chronicle Diseases”.

Based on the study of the bone density data of over twenty thousand people, researchers found a higher bone density in women with a long-term habit of drinking tea. But such correlation was not found in men. At the same time, according to the long-term follow-up data of over 450 thousand people, drinking tea on a daily basis could reduce the risk of hospitalization caused by any fractures, and the risk of fracture of innominate bone was also reduced in individuals who drank green tea and who had a tea drinking history of over 30 years.

Professor Lv Yun, the responsible author of the paper, from the Department of Epidemiology and Health Statistics, PKU School of Public Health, commented that while revealing the possible impact of long-term tea drinking on the bone density, the study did not eliminate another possibility that tea drinking could improve an individual’s attention and alertness so as to reduce the risk of severe injuries.

Written by: Lang Lang
Edited by: Huang Weijian
Source: PKUHSC Office of Publicity