Nature publishes PKU Huang Wei’s commentary: Face masks could raise pollution risks

NOV . 05 2019
Peking University, Nov. 5, 2019: On October 1, Nature published a commentary written by Dr. Huang Wei from Peking University School of Public Health. The article, titled “Face masks could raise pollution risks” (Nature 2019, 574:29-30), focused on the core problem of public hygienic prevention against the background of global air pollution. For the first time it was pointed out that there was a misunderstanding of wearing face masks in public health prevention. From the perspective of public hygienic promotion, the article emphasized that pushing forward the global control of air pollution is the top priority.

Based on the health risk evaluation of global air pollution and the systematic evaluation of individual prevention and protection research, the author proposed the expertise and core argument that the top priority of public health promotion against the background of global air pollution must be the continuous rigid control of air pollution, thus ensuring the clean air. 

Full article can be found here

Written by: Lang Lang
Edited by: Huang Weijian
Source: School of Public Health (