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PEKING UNIVERSITY NEWS is an English news website presented by the News Center at Peking University (PKU/Beida). A team of student editors and reporters from the natural sciences, health sciences, social sciences, engineering, and liberal-arts schools/departments, PKU News provides a more professional option for educated readers.


Since 2004, PKU News has born the responsibility of being an exclusive window into the university, and from the university outwards to the world at large, showing readers on campus how tightly they are connected to international trends and events, as well as introducing to the rest of the globe a Peking University filled with character and brimming with knowledge to share.


PKU News is a platform for expression and communication in which a characteristically wide range of opinions and views are tolerated. However, we acknowledge but one purpose: the pursuit of good journalism.


In 2008, we launched a new website – Our former website – - has continued running in tandem with the new portal over the past few years, but from today we will entirely switch to our new platform.




PKU English Web Portal (2008-present)


PKU News (Old Version, 2004-10)


This means that only will be updated with new articles, videos, and galleries. All the articles published on in the past will continue to be available via search engines, and we will archive and categorize those data for your convenience.


This is just the beginning, not only about a more internationalized, user-friendly interface. We are working on exciting new developments to bring you the very best of PKU NEWS journalism, a journalistic ideal of freedom, truth, and service, through intensive coverage of diverse news and views of PKU and PKUers.


PKU News is exploring, and has developed, all-media approaches such as audio, video, academic database, bulletin board service, social networking services, and micro-blogs.



We have also developed electronic newsletters (renamed Beida Bulletin since 2013) including:

    Peking University News Bulletin Vol. 1, No. 1 (Trial Issue, Beijing Forum 2010 Special);

    Peking University News Bulletin Vol. 1, No. 2 (Trial Issue);

    Peking University News Bulletin Vol. 1, No. 3;


    Peking University News Bulletin Vol. 1, No. 5;

    Peking University News Bulletin Vol. 1, No. 6;

    Peking University News Bulletin Vol. 1, No. 7;

    Peking University News Bulletin Vol. 1, No. 8 (Anniversary Special);

    Peking University News Bulletin Vol. 1, No. 9;

    Peking University News Bulletin Vol. 1, No. 10;


    Beida Bulletin Vol. 2, No. 1 ;

    Beida Bulletin Vol. 2, No. 2 (Anniversary Special).



We would love you to continue telling us your thoughts and feedback by Emailing us at


Peking University News: Going Global with Beida




PKU NEWS (2010-11):


Jacques, Su Juan, Chen Miaojuan, Zhang Chunlan, Arthars, Li Xiaomeng


Editorial Consultants:

Samuel Lyon, Jack Harris



Chen Wei, Chen Long, Zhao Ning, Cao Yixing, Pan Huanming, Chen Meng, Jin Ludi, Li Nuoya,

Lim Yee Chuin, Liu Lu, Liu Yaqing, Ma Xiao, Su Dongrui, Wang Shiqin, Xu Xinyi, Zhang Biyuan, Zhang Hao; 

Duan Ranjia, Gong Ting, Jiang Zhaohui, Lin Zhe, Liu Yineng, Ma Anyi, Qian Xin, Wang Jingran, Wang Yimian, Xu Yue, Yan Binghan



PKU NEWS (2011-12):

Arthars, Li Xiaomeng, Cao Yixing, Chen Long, Liu Lu, Qian XinYan Binghan 

Editorial Consultants:
Vivian Lai, Daniel Macklin, Helen Pittam


Jiang Zhaohui, Liu Yineng, Wang Jingran, Wang Shiqin, Xu Xinyi, Zhang Hao, Zhao Ning;

Li Yang, Bai Bing, Chen Jiayu, Dong Zhiyao, Fang Runiu, Feng Jiayang, Feng Xiaomang, Gao Hongfei,

Liao Songyuan, Liao Shunyi, Shi Hui, Xu Yang, Yuan Xinchen



PKU NEWS (2012-13):
Zhang Jiang, Jacques, Arthars, Chen Long, Xu Xinyi, Zhao Ning, Zhao Xiaowei

Editorial Consultants:
Alexandria Liu, Armin Reinartz

Dui Yanjin, Gao Hongfei, Guo Caichen, Ji Fan, Li Chiyang, Liao Songyuan, Liu Yineng, Meng Yiran, Shi Hui, Wu Cuiting, Xu Yang, Zhu Wenjia;
Chen Chuke, Chen Peng (Pong Chan), Chen Runxi, Chen Tianxiang, Cheng Zui, He Jianfeng, Hu Beibei,

Jin Baihong, Jin Panzhu, Li Wenrui, Liu Qi, Mou Xintong, Wang Jingwei, Xu Jun, Yan Shengnan, Zhai Xiufeng, Zhang Chao, Zhang Ruichen, Zhang Shiling, Zheng Ye





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