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MAR . 31 2011

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Peking University News Bulletin Vol. 1, No. 6 released on March 31, 2011. Selected news, events, and updates from PKU (Beida), China's top higher education institution.



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(Vol. 1, No. 6)



March 31, 2011
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Top Stories  

 An interview with PKU Council Chairman Min Weifang


"By exploring our distinguished education modes based on our tradition, we are obliged to build a university that bridges various cultures across the world for communication and progress," said Prof. Min Weifang during a recent interview. 


PKU to introduce "consultation on students' academic performance"

The system concerns students with: academic difficulties, radical thoughts, psychological fragility, poverty, registration changes, eccentricity, Internet addiction, job difficulties, serious illnesses, and discipline violations.

>> An interview with Zha Jing on "consultation" program at PKU


Mission not yet accomplished

"There is nothing new under the sun, but the sun is new every day," remarked He Li, a senior financial news reporter on today's media during a seminar at PKU.





Tao Qimin - Mother of hepatitis B vaccine

"How I wish I witness the elimination of hepatitis B virus before long! I believe that it is not far away," said Prof. Tao Qimin, the founding director of the Hepatology Institute at PKU People's Hospital.




Peking University Summer School International 2011

The third Peking University Summer School International will run from July 4 to 29, 2011.


Beijing Forum 2011 to embrace a USYD panel

The University of Sydney (USYD)'s Deputy Vice Chancellor John Hearn visited PKU on Mar. 15


PKU Chinese language professors lecture in Thailand

"The event is a great opportunity for Thais learning Chinese to better understand Chinese culture," a senior Thai educator commented.







NATURE, calamities, and HUMAN BEINGS

Love shown for Japan and Yunnan victims

PUTH rescue team ready to go to Japan for nuclear radiation emergency

PKU professor talks about Japanese nuclear accident

Film show: NHK Emergency Reporting of the Japan earthquake 

President Zhou Qifeng's letter to PKU teachers and students from Japan




Hu Yong: Can we tolerate Baidu's "evil" stand on IP rights?

Addressing this problem at its source, however, will require the awakening of Chinese users to the problem of copyright violation. Chinese internet users have to understand that the failure to protect rights of any kind is a net loss for Chinese society.


Mu Guangzong: A change is needed immediately

According to Prof. Mu Guangzong from the PKU Institute of Population Research, China needs an immediate change to "allow couples to have two children."



Campus & Community

Warmth in the corner

Students to pay respect to Cai Yuanpei's statue on Tomb-sweeping Day

Difficulties in campus motor vehicle management

Envoy Wu Sike expounds problems in Middle East

Peking University lecture info (Mar. 31, 2011)



Sci & Tech

Brain chemical influences sexual preference in mice

Prof. Shi Yuguang wins Ramanujan Prize

Record high increase in applications for NSFC funds



Arts & Culture

Ambitious survey offers window into Chinese society

How "vivid dreamer" becomes "Cultural Person of the Year"










Points of View





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