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APR . 17 2011

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Peking University News Bulletin Vol. 1, No. 7 released on April 18, 2011. Selected news, events, and updates from PKU (Beida), China's top higher education institution.



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Peking University News Bulletin

(Vol. 1, No. 7)


Apr. 18, 2011
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Top Stories

[Video] Global alliance and empowerment of women: President Zhou's tour de US

Peking University President Zhou Qifeng attended the 5th Global Colloquium of University Presidents and annual conference of the International Alliance of Research Universities in the US.


In a Google age, library not in groove

PKU Library develops E-services such as "digital newspaper reader," "mobile library," and an optimized search engine "discovery service."


Great power politics in Libya: an analysis

An exclusive interview with scholars from the PKU School of International Studies on issues concerning recent developments in Libya.


NATURE, calamities, and HUMAN BEINGS

An exclusive interview with Fumiya Muramatu, president of the Japanese Student Association at Peking University.




Uncommon person with common mind

Zhou Haiying (1929-2011) was born in Shanghai, so his father named him "Haiying" - a Shanghai child. However, Zhou has always been recognized as "Lu Xun's child."


Pai Hsien-yung: Lifelong pursuit of Kunqu Opera

Renowned Taiwan writer Pai Hsien-yung (Bai Xianyong) talked about his life and love for the Kunqu Opera.





Saving lives and minimizing destruction in natural disasters

Specialists convened at the PKU China Center for Economic Research for the China launch of a joint World Bank-UN report on how preventive measures can lower vulnerability to natural hazards.


Thai Princess Sirindhorn: "Ganxie Beida!"

"Ganxie Beida zhaoshou Taiguo xuesheng bing jiji tuidong Zhong Tai liangguo de jiaoliu he fazhan," wrote Princess Sirindhorn during a celebration for the 10th anniversary since she started to study at PKU in 2001.





Zhou Qiren: Economic nature of government-led investment

What Liu Zhijun's case teaches us is that he can't take any responsibility when the media and public are eventually able to demand for his accountability.


Campus & Community

Removal of tube-shaped buildings arouses debate

The No. 16 to 18 tube-shaped buildings near the South Gate of Peking University are being removed to make room for teaching, research, and student activities, and the project will be finished as early as next April.


Stanford puts focus on China with new center at PKU

The Stanford Center at PKU will be a home base for researchers working in China and offer more opportunities for collaboration between Asian and American scholars.  


PKU students in Egypt - "Riots around us"

PKU students talked about their experiences on the spot during the turmoil and evacuation.


"PKU Flower," "PKU Tree" for anniversary celebration

PKUers are to vote for the flower and tree that best represent the verve and spirit of PKU to celebrate the university's 113th anniversary.  



"Roaring style" in the eyes of PKU students and teachers.



Sci & Tech

Next-to-leading QCD effect on quark compositeness search

PKU Professor Li Chongsheng's team presents the exact next-to-leading order QCD corrections to the dijet production induced by the quark contact interactions at the Large Hadron Collider.


Research achievements in integrated photonic devices

The achievement titled "Low-Power and High-contrast Nanoscale All-Optical Diodes via Nanocomposite Photonic Crystal Microcavities" will be published in Advanced Functional Materials


Arts & Culture  

Major progress in nation's key Confucian classics project

Tang Yijie, a renowned Chinese scholar and senior professor at PKU, donated fascicles of the select edition of Ruzang newly published by Peking University Press.  


Hu Hongshu donates Zhu Jiahua's manuscript of chronicle to PKU Library

Zhu, a Chinese scholar and diplomat, served as dean of the German Department at PKU in the 1920s.  



Slam dunk

The Wu-si Sports Center saw the opening of the Men's Basketball Championship (Level A) of the PKU Cup.  









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