Peking University News Bulletin (Nov.1, 2011)

DEC . 12 2011

Peking University News Bulletin Vol. 1, No. 11 released on November 1, 2011. Selected news, events, and updates from PKU (Beida), China's top higher education institution.



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Peking University News Bulletin

(Vol. 1, No. 11)


Nov 1, 2011


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Top Stories

Prof. Zhu Shanlu met with Nobel Economics Prize winner Robert Mundell

On Sept.15, PKU Council Chairman Zhu Shanlu met with Prof. Robert Mundell, a 1999 Nobel Prize-winning economist from Columbia University.


Happy 10th birthday to Yuanpei Program

2011 sees the 10th anniversary of PKU Yuanpei Program, which is famous for its general education for undergraduates, self-selection of majors and inter-disciplinary construction.



PKU alumna wins Lasker-DeBakey Award

Tu Youyou

The 2011 Lasker-DeBakey Clinical Medical Research Award was announced to be awarded to Chinese scientist Tu Youyou, who discovered the drug artemisinin which has saved millions of lives all over the world.



Vice-Chancellor of Durham University visits PKU

A delegation led by Congresswoman Judy Chu visited PKU School of Transnational Law (STL) to discuss the role of caucuses in the U.S. House of Representatives.


JRI students exhibit summer research programs at PKU

An exhibition of Joint Research Institute (JRI) in Science and Engineering by PKU and UCLA was held at PKU Yingjie Overseas Exchange Center.


UMHS-PUHSC Joint Institute holds symposium to celebrate birthday

On Sept.27, a joint symposium on "future directions and opportunities in translational research" was held at PKU Health Science Center (PUHSC).


Bill Gates talks with PKU students on philanthropy

Bill Gates, chairman of Microsoft, co-founder of Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and honorary trustee of PKU, paid a visit to PKU on June 11 and talked with students on philanthropy.





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Hu Yong: Control, the soil that nurtures rumor

Some of the most intelligent writing on the issue of "rumor", "truth" and social media has been that of CMP fellow and PKU Prof. Hu Yong, who has drawn a clear line between official press control policies, the crisis of credibility facing official news, and the general appeal of hearsay.


Yao Yang: China's Crippled Financial Sector transition and social mobility

Even in the best of times, it is difficult for China's small and medium-size enterprises to get bank loans.



Campus & Community

Peking University Lecture Info (Oct.20, 2011)

Campus lecture information. 


Revival of Lijiao - past and future

“It’s so bright, clean and shining inside!” A PKU student exclaimed before the Lijiao Building which has just reopened on Sept.13, after a 3-month repair. "


Sci & Tech

PKU researchers develop new single-wire solar cell

The development of new types of solar cells that are lighter and more flexible than conventional silicon-based designs will open up a range of new applications for photovoltaics.


PKU research paper published on The Lancet

Led by Feng Xinglin, Ph.D. of Department of Health Policy and Administration, PKU School of Public Health, researchers conducted a population-based epidemiological study of China's National Maternal and Child Mortality Surveillance System.


PKU research progress reported in NATURE MATERIALS

The journal has recently reported the newest progress of the research on the molecular vacancy formation energy on the ice surface, which is conducted by PKU and University College London (UCL) researchers collaboratively.



Arts & Culture

Journalism is a responsibility to shoulder

It was a lecture for any student who harbors an aspiration towards journalism. And the main speaker, Mr. Fang Kecheng, is from Southern Weekly, an independent, wide-spread and the most popular weekly in China.


PKU receives book donations from senior professors

A donating ceremony was held in the exhibition hall of the PKU Library on the afternoon of Sept.16, where Prof. Tang Yijie and Prof. Yue Daiyun donated their book collections to the University.











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