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MAR . 09 2012

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PEKING UNIVERSITY NEWS is an English news website presented by the Peking University (PKU/Beida) News Center. A team of student editors and reporters here—from natural sciences, liberal-arts, social sciences, engineering, and health sciences departments—provides a more professional option for readers interested in Beida and China issues.



Since 2004, PKU News has born the responsibility of being an exclusive window into the university, and from the university outwards to the world at large, showing readers on campus how tightly they are connected to international trends and events, as well as introducing to the rest of the globe a Beida filled with character and brimming with knowledge to share.


PKU News is a platform for expression and communication in which a characteristically wide range of opinions and views are tolerated. However, we acknowledge but one purpose: the pursuit of good journalism.


We have openings in the autumn semester for Beida students who are eager to join the team as journalists.


Please apply to join us by filling the APPLICATION FORM. Selection will be conducted within the following weeks.


You can also log on to our BBS section at for more info.




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