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[Sign Up] Lanterns on, Spring Arrives

FEB . 24 2021

2021 Peking University International Students and Foreign Experts Lantern Festival Get-together

Following the festive mood of the Spring Festival, the Lantern Festival is right around the corner.

Coming together as one, we have tackled numerous difficulties.

Our efforts and unity have become a fertile ground, inspiring new progress in the spring.

No matter where you are from, let’s join our hands in this fruitful celebration!

At the splendid occasion of delicacies and spectacles, we will make sweet dumplings like a family, make lanterns, play riddles and try out traditional Chinese Han clothes!


“Lanterns on, Spring Arrives”, 2021 Peking University International Students and Foreign Experts Lantern Festival Get-together, on 10:30 am, Feb. 26 (Friday) is right here waiting for you!

Time: February 26, 2021 (Friday)

Venue: Learning Commons, Building 5, Global Village of Peking University

10:15-10:30: Check-in
10:30-10:40: Introduction of the activities (moderator)
10:40-11:00: Handmaking homemade sweet dumplings
11:00-11:20: Handmaking Chinese lanterns
11:20-11:40: Riddle game on lanterns, Hanfu tryout and group picture time
11:40-12:00: Trying sweet dumplings freshly cooked and looking for surprises
12:00-12:30: Free participation in on-site activities

Besides, there will be some special gifts for this event.

Each participant will get the bookmark designed by the Palace Museum and have the chance to taste the Old Peking cuisine and win the surprise gift.

During this ceremony, not only should we spend time with friends you haven’t seen for a long time, we should also experience traditional Chinese culture.

Please sign up for the event by 9:00 am, February 26 (Friday). Participants will be admitted by the student card and the electronic ticket (sent via email).

Under the moonlight, let’s spend this wonderful and unforgettable Lantern Festival together.

Friends by the sides, we look back on the past and forward on the future.

A bowl of sweet dumplings and the illuminating lanterns speak the language of blessings and hope.

Looking forward to meeting you!