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iCANXTalks Vol. 51 ︱Magic Molecules

MAY . 14 2021

Magic Molecules

May 14,2021, 20:00-21:30 (Beijing)

Jill E Millstone (University of Pittsburgh)

Website for live show and replay: talks.ican-x.com

Metal-ligand chemistry impacts nearly every aspect of nanoparticle formation, physical properties, and utility. We develop methods to study and leverage these interactions to produce tailored metallic and metal-like nanoparticles with dimensions spanning the nanoscale (1-100 nm). Specifically, we discuss how these interactions may be used to access previously unobserved composition architectures, direct particle optoelectronic behaviors, and control both wanted and unwanted stability downstream. Underpinning these studies is the development of analytical techniques to quantitatively track particle structural, electronic, and surface properties. Taken together, these results not only produce robust particle platforms, but also general methodologies for synthesis and analysis that, together, point toward successful integration of these materials in a wide variety of applications.