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[Forum] Reimagining and Reshaping: Education Ecosystem for the Future

JUL . 07 2021

Topic: Reimagining and Reshaping: Education Ecosystem for the Future

We are pleased to invite you to attend the annual Yidan Education Forum for 2021. This year’s theme is, “Reimagining and Reshaping Education Ecosystem for the Future.” The forum is co-organised by Chen Yidan Foundation and Peking University’s Graduate School of Education and Institute of Economics of Education and will be held in Beijing on July 10-11.

Pioneering innovative advancements have often been preceded by global events that have forced us to rethink and reimagine existing practices. The ongoing pandemic has brought numerous challenges that have greatly impacted global education. But these challenges have also led to opportunities. The robust interweaving of digital technologies, artificial intelligence and rampant globalization in the post-pandemic era has made the need to restructure the existing education ecosystem, even more prominent. By exploring how our schools, families and societies can support each other to promote education innovation, we can further diversify our education models. The Yidan Education Forum for 2021 thus focuses on reimaging and reshaping our education ecosystems to address our challenges. Local and overseas scholars have been invited to discuss and debate ways to create such sustainable development in education.

Chen Yidan Foundation
Graduate School of Education, Peking University
Institute of Economics of Education, Peking University

Time: July 10-11,2021, 09:00 - 18:30

Venue: Aman Summer Palace, Beijing

Languages: Mandarin, English

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