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PKUISI:Set foot on the geek universe

JUL . 23 2021
Time:July 24, 2021 (Saturday) 9:00-11:00am

The activity will be carried out online on ZOOM:

Join meeting link:https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89636244435?pwd=UWlkRm9qTjZxRG9rSWFlaHB0bGhCQT09
ID:896 3624 4435

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Starting from the world, Peking University set foot on the geek universe.

Here is the vast expanse of clear sky, letting the wings of imagination fly freely between the clouds and rivers;

Here is the starry sky without boundaries, allowing the sparks of thought to flicker into a wonderful eternity;

Here is the magnificent sea, letting the surging creativity burst the wave of youth.

Here, Geeklab PKU uses technology and innovation to open up the endless possibilities of the future world, and uses humanities and art to explore a new chapter in the spiritual world.

This online event is initiated by PKU International Students Division, and PKU Geeklab. This event involves Introduction of the Geeklab PKU, The Geek’s Black Technology, AI+ arts, Geek Sports and Geek Humanities. As a school-wide lab, the Geeklab is PKU’s premier first and second period seminal event. Through pushing the boundaries of curiosity, and drive, we seek to inspire students to infuse their life with arts and technology. There will be a “Starting from the world, Peking University set foot on the geek universe” online event held by the PKU Geeklab and PKU International Summer Institute. We welcome all students to come and experience this event and join in this festivity that seeks to discover the intersection of modern technology, humanities and arts.