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PKU achieves outstanding results in the 3rd Alibaba Global Mathematics Competition

SEP . 29 2021
Peking University, September 26, 2021: On September 23, the award ceremony for the 3rd Alibaba Global Mathematics Competition (AGMC) was held. Among the 70 winners of the competition, there were 37 contestants from PKU, accounting for more than half of the total.

Due to the Covid-19, the award ceremony was held online and offline simultaneously this year. PKU students and alumni made up 37 of the 70 winners, accounting for more than half of the total gold, silver and bronze medals. Gold medalists were Wang Dongzhen and Zhou Kangjie. The silver medalists were Xu Kai, Lu Weixiao, Xia Mingtao, and Shen Wujie. The bronze medalists were Hao Tianze, Wang Feng, Chen Ziang, and Chen Jiajie.

The award ceremony

Tian Gang, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the director of PKU’s Beijing International Center for Mathematical Research (BICMR) delivered a message to all the winners and presented trophies to the two outstanding gold medalists. PKU’s School of Mathematical Sciences and BICMR have cooperated closely in academic research and talent development, creating an open environment for young mathematicians to cultivate their passion for mathematics.

AGMC, jointly organized by the China Association for Science and Technology, Alibaba Foundation and the DAMO Academy, is a mathematics competition organized for mathematics lovers all over the world. Since its establishment, nearly 150,000 people over the world have participated in this competition. It does not impose any limitations on age, nationality, or educational background. Embracing “innovation” and “creativity”, this competition not only advances relevant mathematics research, but also supports and promotes the overall development of mathematics among the younger generation of talents.

Written by: Fu Jiaqi
Edited by: June Tan Rui Min
Source: PKU News (Chinese)