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Six PKU projects win 2020 Beijing Science and Technology Award

OCT . 01 2021
Peking University, September 29, 2021: The 2020 Beijing Science and Technology Award is announced in 2021 ZGC Forum on September 25. Six Peking University projects have obtained awards this year, which shows the university’s dedication and achievements in fundamental research, especially interdisciplinary areas. The award-winning projects mainly focus on fields like biomedical science and information science, where interdisciplinary technologies can thrive and have great potential.

Three PKU projects won the first prizes for natural sciences, technological innovation, and scientific progress, respectively. Professor Zhang Zemin’s lab in Biomedical Pioneering Innovation Center has brought important insights into the biology of tumor-infiltrating immune cells as well as the microenvironments using single-cell RNA sequencing, which is critical for developing cancer immunotherapies. Professor Sun Yuchun’s lab from Peking University Hospital of Stomatology has applied AI and 3D printing in prosthodontic treatment to increasing efficiency and accuracy. Professor Wang Junjie’s lab from Peking University Third Hospital has spent years for the establishment and clinical application of the Radioactive Seed Implantation Brachytherapy (RSI-BT) in cancer treatment.

In addition, three projects in the field of information science received second prizes. Both from the School of Electronics Engineering and Computer Science, Professor Zhou Zhiping’s group is devoted to the mechanism and application of silicon-based optoelectronic technology, and Professor Li Ge’s group attempts to combine AI and software development, which has been adopted by many industrial projects. Professor Zhang Shikun from National Engineering Research Center for Software Engineering has been dedicated to breaking the current monopoly in software vulnerability detection. Their product has reached an internationally advanced level and enjoyed applications in various essential areas.

Written by: Peng Yongli
Edited by: Ma Yaoli
Source: PKU News (Chinese)