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Symposium on the movie The Battle at Lake Changjin held at Peking University

OCT . 08 2021
Peking University, October 7, 2021: A symposium focused on the movie The Battle at Lake Changjin was held at Peking University recently. The symposium was hosted by Chen Xuguang, Professor of PKU School of Arts, and Dai Qing, Professor of the School of Theater, Film and Television, Communication University of China. Other famous scholars and critics were present, including Zhang Dexiang, Chen Xianyi, Li Daoxin, who shared their views and opinions on the movie. The Battle at Lake Changjin, since its debut on Sept. 30, has garnered large attention nationwide.

The movie focuses on the fierce fighting between the Chinese People’s Volunteer Army (CPV) and the US forces at Lake Changjin in 1950, when China, the United States and Korea were involved in the Korean War.

Written by: Bai Qingwen
Edited by: Estella Zhang Qiming
Source: Guangming Daily (Chinese)