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Peking University commemorates the 30th Anniversary of China’s First World Chess Championship Win

NOV . 11 2021
Peking University, November 11, 2021: On the night of 29th October, Peking University (PKU) celebrated the 30th anniversary of China’s first Chess win and the creation of the university’s Chess Association. Vice president of the Capital University of Physical Education and Sports, Champion of the 1991 Women's World Chess Championship (WWCC), China’s first Women’s World Chess Champion, Xie Jun was one of the many distinguished guests in attendance. 

Photo of the event

More than 130,000 tuned in to the live stream of the event on multiple media platforms, including on PKU’s official Weibo and Bilibili account.

Tian Hongwei, director of the Chess Department, General Administration of Sports of China, gave her address through a video. She thanked PKU for its support in developing Chess as a sport. Tian also looked back on China’s 30-year Chess Championship road, and praised Xie Jun for helping China clinch her first World Chess Championship title. She quoted the World Chess Hall of Fame in describing Xie Jun as a trailblazer and a national hero. Tian also affirmed the achievements of PKUSCA, and expressed her hope that youth learn from World Champion Xie Jun and continue the spirit of China’s National Chess Team -  persevere despite the odds, fight courageously for the glory of the nation - to realise their dreams while pursuing academic success and involving themselves in the sport of Chess.

Director of PKU’s Department of Physical Education, Qian Junwei thanked China’s Chess Association for supporting PKU’s Chess activities, believing that Chess is a new way to integrate physical and moral education. He also affirmed the value that PKU’s Department of Physical Education sees in chess and its efforts in promoting chess among students. He hopes students will learn from Chess Champions like Xie Jun, and make the pursuit of excellence a habit. Qian then presented Xie Jun her official letter of appointment, recognising her as PKU’s Chess Development Consultant and gifted her a memento.

Qian Junwei presents Xie Jun with the letter of appointment

In Xie Jun’s address and Q&A, she incorporated her championship story to give a comprehensive explanation of her understanding of Chess, encouraging youth to pursue excellence and scale new heights bravely. She thanked organziers for the meaningful event and shared takeaways from her memorable journey – the road to ending a 41-year Soviet stronghold on the WWCC and creating history. Behind the glory of her championship title was her courage to challenge the WWCC throne, her relentless practice and the teamwork of coaching team.

Xie Jun’s address

Xie also affirmed PKU’s continued development of the sport and shared her belief that Chess aids in the holistic development of youth. She continued with her insights on Chess innovation, and discussed the possibility of the sport becoming more mainstream among Chinese university students. Xie mentioned her hope that PKUSCA would continue to play a leading role among tertiary education institutes such that more youth would join the sport, finding happiness in playing chess and growing alongside it.
Her recount of the second round of her 1999 WWCC finals match left PKU students and teachers alike wanting for more.

Group photo

Xie Jun presented 30 sets of her latest book, took photos with some students and penned her well wishes for PKU students. We are proud of her achievements!

Xie Jun’s well wishes

Written by: Glenda Ho
Edited by: Ng Joong Hwee
Source: PKU News (Chinese)