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[Beijing Forum] Beijing Forum (2021) Sub-Forum "Science Lights Up the World" held at PKU

NOV . 11 2021
Peking University, November 11, 2021: On November 6, 2021, "Science Lights Up the World", the Beijing Forum (2021) sub-forum, was held at School of Physics, Peking University. Top scholars were invited to discuss the role of STEM exploration and cut-edge changes in promoting Chinese self-reliance and global development.

Academician Gao Yuan-Ning, dean of PKU School of Physics, chaired the sub-forum. Gao warmly welcomed distinguished guests, faculties and students attending the sub-forum online and on site. He hopes that this sub-forum can call for scientists' sense of social responsibility and improve the public's rational scientific attitude.

Academician Gao Yuan-Ning

Academician Han Qide, dean of PKU Academy for Advanced Interdisciplinary Studies, gave an opening speech. In the current times when mankind is faced with unprecedented changes and challenges, Han hopes that scientific researchers will take up the responsibility of disseminating science, devote themselves to scientific undertakings, and contribute ideas to scientific progress and world development.

Academician Han Qide

Academician Wang Yifang,researcher and director of Institute of High Energy Physics of Chinese Academy of Science, said that international cooperation plays a crucial role in the development of high energy physics. In the new international environment, China should continue to unswervingly carry out and strengthen international cooperation, and build a scientific centre that truly leads the world.

Academician Wang Yifang

Dr. Pippa Wells, deputy director for Research and Computing at Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire (CERN), attended the sub-forum online and shared the scientific and technological innovation and international cooperation of CERN in the field of particle physics.

Dr. Pippa Wells

Academician Shao Feng, a senior researcher of the Beijing Institute of Life Sciences, focused on the topic of pyro ptosis and tumour immunity. He shared his team’s research work that revolutionizes the understanding of the mechanism of toxic lymphocyte effect and confirms the important function of pyrolysis in tumour immunotherapy.

Academician Shao Feng

Academician Yu Dapeng, professor of PKU School of Physics,pointed out that related quantum technologies such as quantum communication and quantum computing have become the focus of competition among international powers.

Academician Yu Dapeng

Academician Liu Ming, Professor of Fudan University, delivered a speech on the information science and technology in the intelligent era. She pointed out that China needs to strengthen the basic original innovation in the information field, break through the restricted situation of key components and core chips, and continue to enhance communications and intelligent manufacturing.

Academician Liu Ming

Indepth Discussion and Q&A Session

After the Q&A session at the end of the sub-forum, the scholars also encouraged students to cherish the current learning and scientific research environment, accumulate scientific research experience, and turn their research work into a lifelong interest after years of hard work.

Group Photo

Written by:
See Tianai
Edited by: Ye Yimeng
Source: PKU News (Chinese)