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Professor Takahara Akio delivers online speech on China-Japan Relations

NOV . 12 2021
Peking University, November 12, 2021: On October 27 and 28, at the invitation of PKU Institute of State Governance Studies  and PKUOIR, Professor Takahara Akio from the Graduate school of Public Policy, the University of Tokyo  delivered two speeches online as the keynote speaker of PKU Overseas Masters Lecture. The theme of the two speeches was: Foreign Policy Analysis of China and Japan: from a Japanese view and The Future of China-Japan Relations. The lecture was presided over by Wang Puqu, professor and dean of PKU Institute of State Governance Studies , as well as Professor Xu Xianglin, director of the academic Committee of PKU Institute of State Governance Studies .
Professor Takahara Akio

In his first speech, Professor Takahara Akio analyzed the correlation between political elites and foreign relations from a comparative perspective. On this basis, he believed that in the context of global economic integration, it is important to consider economic factors while making foreign policies. He then pointed out the adjustments and efforts that the two countries needed to make based on the need of economic development. At the end of the lecture, he analyzed the changes in the foreign policies of both China and Japan in recent years and their influence, and put forward suggestions for improving future relations.

Professor Sun Zhe

Professor Sun Zhe, co-director of the China Initiative at Columbia University School of International and Public Affairs  made positive appraisal of Professor Takahara Akio’s speech and further went on to emphasize that in the development of diplomatic relations between China and Japan, special attention should be paid to the friendly exchanges between Chinese and Japanese people.

In the second speech, Professor Takahara Akio introduced basic methods of studying China-japan relations, emphasizing that multi-perspectives and all-round observation are needed when analyzing bilateral relations. He hoped that two countries could further develop public diplomacy and correct information asymmetry; that two countries could achieve high-level mutual understanding through personnel exchange especially among young people and build a harmonious relationship.

Professor Huang Dahui

Professor Huang Dahui, assistant dean of School of International Studies, Renmin University  commented on Professor Takahara Akio’s, stressing that focus should be put on bilateral cooperation of Japan and China in non-traditional areas. In particular, Professor Huang pointed out that 2022 marks the 50th anniversary of China and Japan formally establishing diplomatic ties. This is a time for both countries to review the past 50 years as well as to prepare for the next 50 years.

The seminar ended on a final note with PKU teachers and students exchanging opinions and views with Professor Takahara Akio.

Written by: Zou Xueyang
Edited by: June Tan Rui Min
Source: PKU News(