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Retrospect and Prospect: China-EU Economic and Strategic Relations Forum held at Peking University

MAY . 03 2021
Peking University, May 3, 2021: On April 23, Retrospect and Prospect: China-EU Economic and Strategic Relations Forum, organized by Peking University-Bank of China Center for European Union Economic and Strategic Studies, was held simultaneously online and in the School of Economics at Peking University. More than 120 people attended the forum’s opening ceremony.

Zhang Ming, head of Chinese Mission to the EU, emphasized the importance of China-EU relations from a strategic perspective. According to Zhang, China and the EU should set the general direction while respecting each other, eliminating interference, and ensuring their stability and long-term development. The differences in the political systems of the two sides should not become obstacles to cooperation, nor should they evolve into geopolitical confrontations. He pointed out that Peking University, Bank of China, and the EU-China Chamber of Commerce jointly established the Center for European Union Economic and Strategic Studies, which was a bold innovation that gathered strength from all quarters to deepen cooperation.

Zhang Ming
Liu Liange, Bank of China chairman, pointed out the great significance that the China-EU relationship has to the development of global multilateral cooperation. He said that China and the European Union have vigorous vitality as the world's two largest economies. The collaboration between the two parties incorporates strong resilience and bright prospects. As the most globalized Chinese bank, the Bank of China will fully support the development of the Center for European Union Economic and Strategic Studies and help it become a research institution with considerable decision-making influence and international reputation.

Liu Liange

Dong Zhiyong, dean of the School of Economics and director of the Center for European Union Economic and Strategic Studies, said that Peking University has always been committed to building a bridge between China and the EU to enhance mutual trust and deepen cooperation, and it actively cooperates with universities and institutions in EU countries to promote China-EU exchanges in humanities and education. Dong Zhiyong pointed out that the Center for European Union Economic and Strategic Studies will provide strong support for China to be recognized in Europe and across the world. This forum will open a new door for people who focus on China-EU economic research.

Dong Zhiyong

Feng Zhongping, director of the Institute of European Studies of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, delivered a keynote speech on “Opportunities and Challenges Facing China-EU Relations”. He pointed out that China-EU relations are of vital importance. Under the current situation, China and the EU have common interests in business, trade, climate change, and other global challenges. In terms of geopolitics, China and the EU pose no threat to each other, and the EU countries are also committed to promoting the development of China-EU cooperation. But with the development of China and the influence of external factors, the EU’s position on China has changed. Therefore, exchanges and cooperation need to be strengthened, and a pragmatic, rational, and balanced model has to be explored for better China-EU relations.

Feng Zhongping

In addition, on April 24, experts and scholars in related fields, leaders of government agencies, and representatives of enterprises also engaged in discussion on China-EU economic cooperation and strategic relations through keynote speeches and round-table forums. Their topics of focus included China-EU economic and trade relations, the digital economy, and cooperation in green development.

Written by: Yan Zhaoyi, Qiu Kanghua
Edited by: Ma Yaoli, Jacob Tomkins
Source: PKU News (Chinese)