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Understanding China (from an international student's perspective)

OCT . 05 2021
Peking University, October 5, 2021: What is your first impression in your mind when you heard about China! The way you see China and me is totally different. At that time to understand China or to know about China I had to depend on international media. Media is the mirror of society, but in recent days we can see that media has an effect on international politics, blindly we cannot believe those so-called media or what they are saying. To understand a place, we have to go to that place physically to see the real story of that place and experience the real situation of the area.

I have been in China for more than four years. As a foreign student's China, my purpose of studying here is not about learning professional knowledge, but also understand Chinese culture, Chinese people, and overall understanding of China. In the past four years, I went to several parts of China. Every time I go to a place in China, my main purpose is to understand the rural areas of that place and the living standards of the people. I believe that the countryside is the most basic part of a country's structure, If the countryside people live with happiness then the whole country also has happiness.

Recently I went to Jiangxi and visited three villages there. I talked with the local people to know their living standards, their careers, and the development of the local area in recent years. The thought of rural people is so simple, they are not as complex as people who live in modern cities. They think simple, what they say and do is also simple. What I found from the visit of those villages is, in recent years, the living standards of the people have been improved. They lead happy and healthy life. From different aspects, the development of the local area is also outstanding.