Play: The Life Opinions of Two Dogs
Organizer: Meng Jinghui Studio, PKU Convention Center Protagonist: Liu Xiaoye, Han Pengyi Venue: PKU Hall Date: Mar. 21 (Friday) and 22 (Saturday), 2014 Time: 19:00 Written by: Zheng Ye Edited by: Arthars Source: PKU Hall
Concert: “Song of Volga“ - male chorus of Russian classic songs
Organizers: The Art Troupe of the Political Department of the Chinese People’s Armed Police, PKU Convention Center Performers: The Male Chorus of the Chinese People’s Armed Police Instrumentals: The Symphony Orchestra of the Chinese People’s Armed Police Musi...
Kunqu Opera: No.72 of “Classic into PKU“ Performance Series
Organizers: The Northern Kunqu Opera Theater, PKU Convention Center Performers: The Northern Kunqu Opera Theater Venue: PKU Hall (Multifunctional Hall) Date: Feb. 28, 2014 (Friday) Time: 19:00 Written by: Zheng Ye Edited by: Arthars Source: PKU Hall
[EUC] Public Opinion and Voting Behavior in Europe
16 DECEMBER 2013 — How did the public express their will regarding integration in the European Union in past and recent times? And what does this say about the general voting behavior in the EU?Dr Jos Elkink from University College Dublin will match factual ev...
[EUC] The communications revolution in early-modern Europe
9 DECEMBER 2013 — The coming of the printed book in the mid-fifteenth century is seen as one of the crucial markers of modernity, transforming the communications landscape of Europe and beyond. The book is fundamental to how we conceptualise the age: our progr...
[EUC] The Creation on Modern Europe - 1789 to Today
2 DECEMBER — A basic historical knowledge of key events and processes in Europe during the last 200 years is indispensable to understand many of the current political, economic and social discussions that are taking place in the continent and beyond its border...
[EUC] Environmental and Water Protection in the EU
22 NOVEMBER 2013 – Water resources, as well as other natural resources, are an important concern in the EU’s interests. The European Union has set up a series of laws and regulations to protect its environment and to develop it in a sustainable way and the man...
Concert: “String-139“ Series
>> Concert: “String-139” Series Organizers: PKU Convention Center Performer: Jan Depreter Venue: PKU Hall (Multifunctional Hall) Date: Nov. 14, 2013 (Thursday) Time: 19:00 >> Concert: New Album “Format of Words” from Yi people Organizers: PKU Co...
[EUC] The European economic growth - and Crisis
24 OCTOBER — From the economic growth after the Second World War to the current economic recession, in European integration economics and politics have been strictly connected. Two lectures, to be held on Friday, 1 November and Saturday, 2 November will analys...
[EUC] The status of humanities in contemporary Europe
Humanities: a wide and challenging field for European researchers, in an academic environment that requires a multidisciplinary approach while also changing its publication cultures.Professor Margaret Kelleher from University College Dublin will look at the cu...
[Lecture] Theory of controlled fragmentation in cold drawing: towards a mec...
Speaker:Huajian Gao Distinguished University Professor, College of Engineering, College of Science, Nanyang Technological University, SingaporeScientific Director, Institute of High Performance Computing, Agency for Science, Technology and Research, SingaporeH...
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