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[Application] Application Notice of PKU Yuke for International Students 2022
Mar. 10, 2022

Established in 2000, Peking University’s Yuke Education strives to use our university’s excellent educational resources to cultivate a cohort of outstanding international talents. PKU Yuke provides one to two years of preparatory training for academically outstanding high-school graduates who wish to pursue an undergraduate degree at Peking University.  We are commited to creating a new pattern of all-rounded education, and we strive to provide professional language training, opportunities for international cultural exchanges, as well as a smooth transition to “Double First-Class” undergraduate education, and a variety of other educational platforms for foreign students studying at PKU. After preparatory studies, international students who pass the final examination and meet the admission standards are automatically admitted and can directly enter Peking University’s undergraduate program.

Experienced Teaching Staff & Exclusive Teaching Material

The preparatory major is Chinese and is taught by the School of Chinese Language Education. Aside from Chinese, students will also minor in mathematics, which is organized and taught by PKU’s School of Mathematical Sciences. Other courses and extracurricular activities will utilize the university’s excellent resources and provide students with a diversified and high-quality learning experience.

Teachers from the School of Chinese Language Education have high academic qualifications; 65% of the teachers have a Doctorate degree. The majority of the teachers have Chinese teaching experience in overseas universities or Confucius Institutes, hence enabling them to better understand the characteristics of Chinese learning for international students. The selection of textbooks is the Boya series, compiled and reviewed by PKU’s teachers, later published by Peking University Press, to ensure a clear, systematic and scientific teaching objectives.

Regarding the mathematic studies, an expert group was established by the School of Mathematics and Science to carefully compile exclusive textbooks adapted to the characteristics of preparatory teaching, fully adapting to the needs of preparatory students, and effectively assisting the connection with undergraduate study.

Undergraduate Experience & Liberal Education

PKU Yuke students will have the opportunity to take courses together with undergraduate students and experience university study and extracurricular activities in advance. At the beginning of each semester, several popular general education courses will be selected carefully, which students can choose to audit according to their own interests. In addition to improving students’ language skills, getting to know the undergraduate studies in advance can broaden students’ general knowledge, academic horizons and cultivate their ability to think and study independently.

Combining Learning with Practice & Unifying Virtue with Talent

Our education emphasizes both academic and practical ability. Aside from the academic curriculum, various extracurricular activities and cultural trips will be conducted to help students integrate into the group and into the university better and faster, to establish and build a harmonious Yuke family. There are also abundant recreational activities to help students balance work and rest.

Comfortable Accommodation & International Companionship

PKU Yuke will reserve dormitory accommodation for Yuke students at PKU Zhongguanyuan Global Village. Students will be able to have a safe and comfortable accommodation experience, where they can enjoy a pleasant study and living experience together with other international students from all around world. Whether in class or in daily life, students will be immersed in an academically inspiring and mentally relaxing environment. Today on campus, international students can study with PKU’s outstanding young talents . Tomorrow, you will progress together with alumni partners on the global stage and lead the future.
Due to the global epidemic, students who cannot come to PKU can complete their Yuke study online. In these circumstances, students unfortunately cannot enjoy a complete college experience and school facilities. Despite this challenge, PKU Yuke Staff will strive to provide students with more online learning resources. A portion of the tuition will be waived. For more details, please see "Tuition Standards".

Application Criteria

1. Applicants must be non-Chinese citizens;
2. Before admission, applicants must be between 17 to 23 years old;
3. Applicants must have a full-time high school graduation degree (excluding Chinese ordinary high schools).
4. According to undergraduate admission requirements, applicants with the following conditions should note that they must meet the following requirements:

who apply as foreign students after immigrating to a foreign country must hold a valid foreign passport or nationality certificate before April 30, 2019 , documents and proof of the cancellation of Chinese nationality, and a record of actual residence abroad for more than 2 years from April 30, 2019 to April 30, 2023 (living abroad for 9 months within a year is acceptable, calculated on a one-year basis, subject to entry and exit signatures).

According to the Nationality Law of the People’s Republic of China and the relevant regulations of the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China, if both or one parent are Chinese citizens who settled in a foreign country, if the student has a foreign nationality since birth and does not have Chinese nationality, they must be hold a valid foreign passport or nationality certificate before the April 30th 2019, and have a record of actual residence in a foreign country for more than 2 years between April 30, 2019 and April 30, 2023 (the actual residence in a foreign country for nine months can be calculated as one year, subject to entry and exit signatures).


Chinese Language Classes (20 class hours/week): Compulsory classes. A Chinese language placement test will be held to identify students’ current language skills. Students are then divided into different level classes. Each level has listening, speaking, reading and writing courses to improve students’ comprehensive language ability. At the same time, according to their own interests and future plans, students in the Intermediate Chinese and Advanced Chinese classes can choose to study professional Chinese in linguistics, literature, law, economics, diplomacy, politics and other fields, allowing them to lay a solid foundation for their future studies in the undergraduate program.

Mathematics Classes (4 class hours/week): Elective classes. A math placement test will be held in the beginning of the school year. Students will be divided into different classes, according to their current math level, Chinese level, as well as students’ potential undergraduate major focus. The math courses will often comprise Basic Mathematics and Advanced Mathematics.

Lectures on Chinese Culture: PKU Yuke will offer lectures in different fields, such as Chinese culture, economic development, historical geography, etc. to help students get a more comprehensive understanding about China.

Study Plan and Undergraduate Majors

A study plan will be customized for students, based on each student’s level in Chinese language, mathematics, combined with their potential undergraduate major.

How to Apply

1. Applications will be accepted from March 3 to May 15, 2022.

2. Complete the electronic form online: Applicants should log onto the PKU International Student Online Application System (, complete the application form, submit the form, then print out the form.
Application procedures: Apply – Non-degree program – Yuke
Project Code: PKUYUKE
Application fee of 800 CNY: Please make the payment online in the application system.
* Unpaid applications will not be reviewed. The application fee is non-refundable, regardless of the application result.

3. Applicants should then submit the following paper application materials to the International Students Division via EMS express mail:
1) One application form. After submitting the online application, students should print out application form, sign the form, and attach student’s application photo.
2) One high-school diploma, certificate of graduation or proof of imminent graduation (original document). If the documents are neither in Chinese nor in English, a notarized, official Chinese or English translation is required, verified by an official party, such as a government agency or a diplomatic mission.
3) One high-school academic transcript (original document). If the academic transcript is neither in Chinese nor in English, a notarized, official translation is required, verified by an official party, such as a government agency or a diplomatic mission.
4)One personal statement written in Chinese or English. Please click here: personal statement for a template.
5)Two letters of recommendation (original document). One letter must be from a teacher or academic tutor at the applicant’s High School. For the second recommendation, there are no specific requirements for the job title.
6)One photocopy of the passport. The passport must have an expiration date beyond July 2023.
7) Optional materials: including but not limited to a photocopy of SAT, IB, A-Levels, ACT, academic transcripts for any college-entrance examination taken in the applicant’s home country, other certificates or awards, HSK transcripts, or any other proof of Chinese language proficiency that applicants believe may support their application.
* Documents should be sent to Room 328, New Sun Student Center, Peking University, Haidian District, Beijing, China
* The hardcopy of application materials will only be accepted via China Post (EMS) mail, not via on-site submission.
* After reviewing the above materials, Peking University reserves the right to ask for other related materials, arrange interviews with applicants, or conduct any other assessment.

Tuition Standards

Online:49000 CNY/Academic Year
Offline:54000 CNY/Academic Year

For more information regarding semester arrangements please refer to the PKU school calendar:


Application results will be notified via email in May or June. Admission documents will be issued by July.


Peking University Zhongguanyuan Global Village
Address: No.126 Zhongguancun North Street, Haidian District, Beijing (Exit C, Metro Line 4: East Gate of Peking University Station).
Room Rent: About 80 CNY/per person/per day.
Other Facilities: study room, canteen, gym, café, convenience store, etc.


After one year of study in PKU Yuke, if students are admitted into the undergraduate program, students will have the opportunity to apply for Chinese Government Scholarship, Beijing Government Scholarship, Peking University Scholarship, etc.

Medical insurance

Yuke students in China should purchase international students’ comprehensive medical insurance.

Visa Information

Please refer to the latest policies and regulations for visa and entry matters. The school can issue admission materials in accordance with relevant regulations, including admission notice and the visa application form (JW202).

Contact us

Address:Room 328, New Sun Student Center, Peking University,
Haidian District, Beijing 100871, People’s Republic of China

Source: International Students Divition, Office of International Relations, PKU