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Delegation from Faculty of Medicine of Udayana University in Indonesia visits PKUHSC
Oct. 31, 2023
Former Deloitte Global Chair Sharon Thorne speaks at PKU Guanghua School of Management
Oct. 31, 2023
California Governor Gavin Newsom makes a stop at Peking University during China trip
Oct. 28, 2023
Georgian Ambassador: PKUICF facilitates cross-cultural exchanges, mutual understanding among youth
Oct. 28, 2023
UPenn Wharton School Dean visits PKU Guanghua School of Management
Oct. 27, 2023
Chairman of Toyota Motor’s China Office Tatsuro Ueda speaks at Peking University
Oct. 27, 2023
Former French PM Jean-Pierre Raffarin visits PKU, appointed Shuhsi Hsü Chair Professor
Oct. 27, 2023
Lecture | Joseph Nye: The U.S. and China are NOT destined for war
Oct. 26, 2023
PKU Library turns the page to its 125th anniversary
Oct. 31, 2023
Li Keqiang passes away
Oct. 27, 2023
Peking University commemorates 110th anniv. of founding of mathematics discipline
Oct. 25, 2023
Peking University celebrates 110th anniv. of founding of physics discipline
Oct. 20, 2023
Prof. Yu Kongjian wins 2023 Cornelia Hahn Oberlander International Landscape Architecture Prize
Oct. 18, 2023
PKU Prof. Zhao Pengjun elected as Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences
Oct. 11, 2023
Chinese sponge city concept by Prof. Yu Kongjian recognized at U.S. National Design Week
Oct. 11, 2023
PKUers witness flag-raising ceremony to celebrate 74th founding anniv. of PRC
Oct. 01, 2023
That white 'bear'? It's actually a giant panda. Researchers present new findings
Sep. 20, 2023
Quantifying national emissions of methane worldwide
Sep. 18, 2023
The interaction between AGN and starburst activity as viewed with JWST
Sep. 01, 2023
PKU astronomers shed light on evolutionary paths of supermassive black holes and their host galaxies
Aug. 21, 2023
PKU researchers find new potential anti-diabetic drug target
Aug. 08, 2023
Listening to the tones of single cells
Aug. 04, 2023
Multi-band observation of FAST reveals mechanisms of fast radio bursts eruptions: CAS
Aug. 01, 2023
Prof. Xi Peng's research group publishes paper on ‘open-source 3DSIM reconstruction platform’
Jul. 21, 2023
Lecture | Why are the Southern Cross and the Big Dipper the same?
Oct. 24, 2023
ICF2023 | Pakistani culture is magnificently displayed at PKU International Culture Festival 2023
Oct. 21, 2023
Celebrating youth and sportsmanship at 2023 PKU Autumn Sports Festival
Oct. 17, 2023
Food@PKU | A taste of Zhuzhou cuisine (and culture) at PKU
Oct. 16, 2023
Chinese women's rugby Asiad champions visit PKU, interact with students
Oct. 11, 2023
In pics: Advent of Autumn at PKU
Oct. 09, 2023
2023 Fall PKU Clubs and Societies Fair unfolds – with a Mid-Autumn Festival twist!
Oct. 03, 2023
Under the Same Moon: Mid-Autumn Music Festival held at Peking University
Sep. 30, 2023
Andy Lin & Shawn Ng: The 'dynamic duo' at PKUSZ
Oct. 27, 2023
Messages from faculty members reaching thirty-year milestones at School of Foreign Languages
Oct. 19, 2023
Profile | Roger T. Ames' lifelong study, interpretation of classical Chinese philosophy
Sep. 28, 2023
Unexpected Pitch: How Sarah Fell in Love with Soccer at PKU
Sep. 21, 2023
Wu Fei from PKU’s Department of PE re-elected as ITTF URC Deputy Chair
Sep. 12, 2023
UNESCO awards Alum Fan Jinshi for outstanding contribution to archaeology
Sep. 08, 2023
PKU graduate heeds call to help underdeveloped areas
Sep. 07, 2023
PKU New Faces | Welcoming three pairs of twin PKUers from Chongqing
Aug. 29, 2023
PKU in the Media
Top economist ardent on continued success
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Nov 07, 2023
China's green efforts make impression on student
Nov 07, 2023
Opera in Beijing presents story of China's revolutionary...
Nov 07, 2023
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