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U.S.-China Youth Leaders Dialogue held at Peking University
Jul. 21, 2024
US students enhance friendship on exchange visits
Jul. 20, 2024
American students explore Chinese cities with China Deep Dive Program
Jul. 16, 2024
Graduation 2024 | International graduates at Peking University reflect on China's growth
Jul. 01, 2024
Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko meets Peking University Council Chair Hao Ping, representatives of Chinese universities
Jun. 25, 2024
PHBS hosts 8th Workshop in Macroeconomics and Finance
Jun. 24, 2024
Peking University co-hosts Sino-French conference in Paris
Jun. 24, 2024
INSE Dean Justin Yifu Lin meets Pakistani PM Shehbaz Sharif
Jun. 17, 2024
PKU Insights | Yao Yang: New productive forces facilitate reform
Jul. 16, 2024
Peking University holds ceremony to celebrate postgraduates
Jul. 04, 2024
Journeys Commence: 2024 Peking University Graduation Ceremony for Undergraduates held
Jul. 03, 2024
New Publication | Demystifying the World Economic Development
Jul. 01, 2024
Exhibition | A Hundred-Year Retrospective on India Studies at Peking University
Jun. 25, 2024
PKU First Hospital unveils Children’s Medical Center
Jun. 18, 2024
Academician Qiao Jie leads delegation to Hong Kong
Jun. 11, 2024
PHBS reaccredited by the Association of MBAs
Jun. 06, 2024
Facial temperature-based AI tech promising for disease diagnosis: PKU study
Jul. 09, 2024
Peking University researchers develop novel method to produce crystals
Jul. 08, 2024
'Motion-picture' method reveals shape of the Milky Way's dark matter halo
Jul. 01, 2024
Neural probe achieves brain-wide neuronal activity recording in macaque brain
Jun. 27, 2024
Research unveils mysterious interaction between mitochondrial cristae and mtDNA
May. 29, 2024
Peking University team updates the 'warheads' against cancer
May. 28, 2024
PKU study settles centuries-old debate over ice surface
May. 23, 2024
China's afforestation efforts yield significant carbon storage gains
May. 22, 2024
Visual Story: Peking University Summer Meet brings Olympic vibes and energy
Jul. 16, 2024
In Photos: Caps off to Peking University's 2024 graduating class
Jun. 27, 2024
Featured | How is AI shaping the study of the humanities?
Jun. 13, 2024
This is what Peking University sounds like
Jun. 07, 2024
Greek classic reinvented at Peking University – with a Chinese flavor
Jun. 02, 2024
Want to be more fit? This class may 'work out'
May. 29, 2024
Record number of athletes gather at PKU for 62nd Capital Universities Track and Field Games
May. 22, 2024
One Poem to Read | 'On the Stork Tower' and the sublimity of mother river
May. 20, 2024
Graduation 2024 | Zhong Fangrong: Following her heart to archaeology
Jul. 19, 2024
Profiles | Liu Lian: Drawing inspiration from ancient artifacts
Jul. 16, 2024
Ruben Rodriguez: Embracing diversity and excellence at Peking University
Jul. 08, 2024
Graduation 2024 | Chan Shaoyun: Embracing diversity at PKU
Jul. 05, 2024
Interview | Prof. Justin Yifu Lin on outlook of Chinese economy, in global context
Jul. 03, 2024
Graduation 2024 | How this couple becomes each other's supportive soundtrack
Jul. 01, 2024
My PKU Story | Fu Jiaqi: Closing my campus chapter
Jun. 27, 2024
My PKU Story | Shi Xinyao: Where worlds meet
Jun. 20, 2024
PKU in the Media
PKU economist: Reform to sustain 5 percent growth
With the third plenary session of the 20th CPC Central Committee outlining further reform to address structural issues, Liu Qiao, dean of Peking University's Guanghua School of Man...
Jul 24, 2024
Greater reform set to lift growth till 2029
Jul 24, 2024
Commitment to high-level opening-up to enhance nation’s...
Jul 24, 2024
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