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New Zealand Ambassador to China visits Peking University
Dec. 24, 2021
Ambassador of Iraq to China Shorsh Said visits Peking University
Dec. 13, 2021
PKU and HSE sign cooperation agreements in conjunction with the China-Russia Year of Innovation
Dec. 08, 2021
Israeli ambassador to China visits PKU
Nov. 29, 2021
Polish Ambassador to China Wojciech Zajączkowski visits PKU
Oct. 26, 2021
PKU President attends Thai Confucius Institute virtual conference
Oct. 03, 2021
Peking University and Waseda University hold video conference
Sep. 29, 2021
Peking University holds the Symposium on the 90th Anniversary of Kahlil Gibran’s Death
Sep. 29, 2021
Pep-rally for 2022 Winter Olympics PKU’s International Student Volunteers take off
Jan. 20, 2022
PKU and UChicago jointly witness the unveiling of the Peking University Center in Chicago
Jan. 19, 2022
China's 2021 GDP Growth likely to Reach 8%: PHBS Think Tank Report
Jan. 13, 2022
The 2nd John Hopcroft Scholarship award ceremony for PKU Turing Class held
Jan. 10, 2022
PKU Professor Luis Ho named AAS Fellow
Jan. 07, 2022
The third lecture of Peking University Liberal Arts Innovation Forum held
Jan. 07, 2022
The 7th Asia-Pacific Conference of Interventional Oncology (APCIO 2021) held in Beijing
Jan. 06, 2022
PKUHSC-Michigan Medicine Jointly helds Tumor Immunity Bridge Online Meeting
Jan. 06, 2022
PKU researchers depicts Pan-Cancer Single-Cell Landscape of Tumor-Infiltrating T Cells
Dec. 30, 2021
Prof. Li Faxin’s group develops World's First DMA for Hard Materials
Dec. 16, 2021
Device by PKUHS research group receives approval for marketing
Dec. 08, 2021
Prof. Huang Gang’s team makes significant progress on Internet of Data Cloud Computing development
Nov. 30, 2021
PKU School of Stomatology reports new phenotype of LRP6 mutation
Nov. 24, 2021
PKU Cancer Hospital publishes real-world evidence on Minimally Invasive and Open Esophagectomy
Nov. 24, 2021
PKU researchers observes localized phonon modes at a heterointerface
Nov. 18, 2021
PKU Researcher publishes JPSP article about the effects of awe on self-conception
Nov. 16, 2021
Save PKU-themed Wallpaper Calendars for 2022!
Jan. 19, 2022
PKU unveils new Changping campus
Dec. 06, 2021
Orientation Programs held by Peking University Alumni Associations at Home and Abroad
Nov. 01, 2021
Peking University holds 2021 Autumn Sports Meeting
Oct. 26, 2021
Pekingers Capture | World Photography Day
Aug. 19, 2021
Peking University Landmark: The Alumni Bridge
Aug. 18, 2021
How We Met at PKU: Roommates to Best Friends
Jul. 31, 2021
Graduation 2021 | What's Your Greatest Takeaway from PKU?
Jul. 13, 2021
The Legacy of Professor Donald Stone: In remembrance of his passion for teaching and contribution to the world of arts
Jan. 21, 2022
Professor Ciais: An unwavering passion for the climate
Jan. 14, 2022
How We Met at PKU: From Turkey to Mongolia
Jan. 12, 2022
Winners of PKU Student of the Year 2021 are out!
Jan. 12, 2022
Meet Our "Future Leaders" | Gian Marco Serra from Italy
Jan. 11, 2022
Lee Kit Ching Winney: My connection with PKU and Chinese Mainland
Jan. 06, 2022
Tsung-Dao Lee: Never One to Forget His Roots
Dec. 31, 2021
Remembering Jonathan D. Spence
Dec. 29, 2021
PKU in the Media
Will more women have three children?
Peking University, January 20, 2022: China's birth rate has been falling since 2016 — for example, 12 million new births were recorded in 2020, but the number is expected to drop b...
Dec 17, 2021
IFAD calls for transforming rural food systems
Dec 17, 2021
Report highlights need for equitable, sustainable food s...
Dec 17, 2021
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