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[Lecture] Innovations in Storytelling through Visual Communication and Graphic Design
Mar. 10, 2022

Guest Speaker:

Tian Chi, Deputy director of the central design department at China Daily

Seminar Hosts:

Prof. He Shu, School of Journalism & Communication

Time: 18:40-20:30, March 10, Thursday, 2022, Beijing Time

Place: Room 308 Dixuelou Teaching Building (地学楼308教室)


-Tian Chi has played a pivotal role in connecting China to its international audiences through compelling cross-cultural aesthetics and visual storytelling techniques.

-He is a nine-time winner of the China News Award, winner of the 13th Changjiang Taofen Award in 2014, and seven-time winner of the Award of Best in the annual design competition by the Society for News Design.

Source: School of Journalism & Communication