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[Seminar] Marco Polo in the New Era
Mar. 31, 2022

Guest Speaker:
Erik R. Nilsson, Recipient of 2016 Chinese Government Friendship Award, China Daily Senior Journalist
Mark Levine, Recipient of 2014 Chinese Government Friendship Award, Recipient of 2011-2013 Great Wall Friendship Award, Singer / songwriter / author

Guest Host:
Prof. Sun Hua, Director of China Center for Edgar·Snow Studies, Peking University; Director of Center for Excellent Teaching and Learning, Peking University

Seminar Host:
Prof. He Shu, School of Journalism & Communication

Time: 18:40-20:30, March 31, Thursday, 2022

Location: Peking University Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center (北京大学双创中心)

Content of Lecture:
Erik R. Nilsson: Closer to Heaven--A Global Nomad’s Journey through China’s poverty alleviation
Mark Levine: Singing My China Stories to the World

Source: School of Journalism and Communication