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[Lecture] Nonlinear Dynamics for Smart Engineering Design
Apr. 22, 2022

Speaker: Professor Marian Wiercigroch, Centre for Applied Dynamics Research, School of Engineering, University of Aberdeen,UK

Host: Prof. Wang Xuefeng, College of Engineering

Time: 15:30-17:00, April 22, Friday, 2022

Venue: Zoom Meeting ID: 980 4138 0393  Passcode: 487031


In this lecture I will paint a broad picture of the nonlinear world and examine implications of this view on science and engineering. Through carefully chosen examples from everyday life, science and engineering I will show just how nonlinear and dynamic our world really is. In the first part, I will define nonlinearity and nonlinear dynamics. Specifically, I will focus on a class called non-smooth dynamical systems. Then I will show how such problems can be effectively modelled and analyzed by low dimensional dynamical systems. The generic complexity of non-smooth dynamics will be demonstrated by an elastic impact oscillator – an archetypal model for the high frequency vibro-impact drilling. The second part will be devoted to what we might call Nonlinear Dynamics for Smart Engineering Design where I will present results from my recent projects, where nonlinear dynamic interactions have been used to enhance the performance of real systems and structures. I will put a special emphasis on one large projects from energy industry, where we have developed a revolutionary downhole drilling technology tested in our unique drilling laboratories. I will argue that this would not be possible in a linear and static world!


Professor Marian Wiercigroch educated in Poland, US and UK holds a Sixth Century Chair in Applied Dynamics and he is a founding director of the Centre for Applied Dynamics Research at the University of Aberdeen. His area of research is theoretical and experimental nonlinear dynamics, which he applies to various engineering problems. Wiercigroch has published extensively (over 400 journal and conference papers) and sits on a dozen editorial boards of peer review journals. He is the Editor-In-Chief of International Journal of Mechanical Sciences and a frequent keynote and plenary speaker at major international conferences. He is the inventor of new patented drilling technology called Resonance Enhanced Drilling and the Founder and Chief Technology Officer of a spinoff company iVDynamics Ltd. He has established in Aberdeen unique experimental laboratories allowing to investigate complex nonlinear dynamic interactions in mechanical systems with the focus on energy generation. He has received many awards and distinctions and served as a panelist of the Research Excellence Framework (2014, 2021) assessing the quality of engineering research in the UK.

Source: College of Engineering