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[Lecture] Rota-Baxter bisystems and mixed bialgebras
Jul. 08, 2022

Speaker: Abdenacer Makhlouf, Université de Haute Alsace

Time: 16:00-17:00 pm, July 8, 2022, GMT+8

Venue: ZOOM Meeting ID:862 062 0549 Code:2022:


In this talk, we deal with a generalization of the concept of Rota-Baxter operators defined by T. Brzezi´nski and called Rota-Baxter systems which appeared in [J. Algebra 460(2016):1- 25]. We provide a dual version and then consider a generalization to bialgebras, we introduce the notion of Rota-Baxter bisystem and construct various examples. On the other hand, we introduce a new type of bialgebras (named mixed bialgebras) which are consisting of an asso ciative algebra and a coassociative coalgebra satisfying the compatible condition determined by two coderivations. We investigate coquasitriangular mixed bialgebras and the particular case of coquasitriangular infinitesimal bialgebras, where we give the double construction. This is a joint work with Tianshui Ma and Sergei Silvestrov.


Abdenacer Makhlouf is a Professor and the head of Mathematics Department at University of Haute Alsace, Mulhouse, France. His research covers structure, representation theory, deformation theory and cohomology of various types of algebras, including Nonassociative algebras, Hopf algebras and n-ary algebras.

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