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[Lecture] Thick morphisms of supermanifolds and homotopy algebras
Jul. 29, 2022

Speaker: Theodore Voronov, University of Manchester

Time: 16:00-18:00 pm, July 29, 2022, GMT+8

Venue: ZOOM Meeting ID: 862 062 0549 Password:2022


Supergeometry can be used as a unifying language for many algebraic and differential-geometric constructions. Particular role here is played by homological vector fields, i.e. odd vector fields Q satisfying Q^2=0. They can be useful for describing “higher” or “homotopy” analogs of Poisson brackets. Recently I discovered a generalization of the notion of a smooth map (called by me “thick morphisms”) giving NONLINEAR pullbacks on smooth functions. “Thick morphisms” can in particular provide L_infinity morphisms for homotopy Poisson structures. There are other interesting connections, e.g. with Fourier integral operators. Thick morphisms also provide a nonlinear analog of classical functional-algebraic duality.   


Dr Theodore Voronov is a Professor in Pure Mathematics at the University of Manchester (UK). His research interests are on the crossroads of algebra, differential geometry, topology and mathematical physics; in particular, geometry of supermanifolds and its applications. See more at

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