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[Lecture] Gravity properad, moduli spaces M_g,n, and string topology
Aug. 05, 2022

Speaker: Sergei Merkulov, University of Luxembourg

Time: 16:00-18: 00 pm, August 5, 2022, GMT+8

Venue: ZOOM Meeting ID:862 062 0549 Password:2022


Using Thomas Willwacher’s twisting endofunctor, and Kevin Costello’s theory of partially compactified moduli spaces of algebraic curves of arbitrary genus with marked points, we introduce a new dg properad which contains Ezra Getzler’s operad controlling genus zero moduli spaces. We discuss its applications in the theory of moduli spaces M_g,n, and in string topology.  


Sergei Merkulov is a Professor at the University of Luxembourg. He worked previously at the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Glasgow University (UK) and the Stockholm University (Sweden). He works on category theory, homological algebra and Differential geometry.

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