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[Application] 2023 PKU Guanghua PhD Program
Jan. 09, 2023
Keen to pursue a career in Economics, Finance or Management academia at the top-ranked University in Asia? Join us for the Guanghua PhD Program.

Guanghua PhD Information Session for 2023 Entry

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About Guanghua PhD

Guanghua's PhD Program aims to educate and develop outstanding scholars with a demonstrated capacity for conducting high-quality scientific research to advance the fields of economics and management. The Chinese practices in economic and social development and China’s unique institutional setting provide rich opportunities for aspiring academics to research on first-order issues in economics and Management, and generate novel insights, ideas and knowledge. The full-time program can be completed entirely in English, including both required coursework and doctoral dissertations.

# Who We Are Looking For

At Guanghua, we are looking for research-oriented and highly motivated candidates with the aptitude and ambition to thrive in our PhD Program. Competitive applicants should have intellectual curiosity, an outstanding academic record, strong references, a clear interest in pursuing an academic career at a university or a research-oriented institution.

# Research Fields

Programs leading to the degree of Doctor of Economics:
National Economics*
Industrial Economics*

Programs leading to the degree of Doctor of Management Science:
Management Science and Information Systems
Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management
Strategic Management and International Operations

* Students majoring in National Economics and Industrial Economics can choose from a broad range of research areas, including Political Economics and Organizational Economics, Labor Economics and Urban Economics, Behavioral Economics, Macroeconomics, International and Monetary economics, etc.

# Faculty

We have more than 110 full-time faculty whose cutting-edge and high-quality research are regularly published in top tier economics and management journals such as American Economic Review, Journal of Political Economy, Management Science, Journal of Finance, Academic Management Journal, etc. They have played an important role in China’s policy making and regulation drafting, and they are strong advocates of China’s market-oriented reforms and innovative business practices. They are trusted partners of entrepreneurs, CEOs, and public figures; and their work has been recognized with top national research awards for making contributions to China's development.

# Scholarship

In recognition of admitted students' academic excellence and potential, the Guanghua School of Management will be offering full merit-based scholarships to all students admitted to the program covering their costs at Peking University, including tuition fees, accommodation, and a living stipend. Supplemental scholarships providing additional support to particularly outstanding students are also available based on eligibility.

Conference grants and research activities funds are available at Guanghua to subsidize students attending academic conferences and undertaking research-related activities outside China, such as overseas academic exchange and visiting scholar programs.

# Career Prospects

Students that have successfully completed a PhD with Guanghua have moved on to teaching and research positions at some of the world's leading universities -- especially business schools -- or at other academic or research-focused institutions across the globe.

# Research Master Program (Pre-doctoral Program)

Individuals who possess a Bachelor's degree but do not possess a Master's degree may seek admission to one of Guanghua's Ph.D. programs by applying to the Research Master (Pre-doctoral Program). The program is a prerequisite for undergraduates to apply for a Ph.D. position at Peking University Guanghua School of Management.

# Application Timeline

Application Deadline for 2023 Intake: February 28, 2023

# Contact Us

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Guanghua School of Management has pioneered economic and business research in China for 37 years. Research conducted by our faculty is routinely published in top international journals and influences government policymaking and business practice. Guanghua has proactively engaged in research on the implications of applied technologies like Big Data, AI, and digitalization for business and economic growth, creating a rigorous learning environment that will prepare students to conduct highly relevant research that meets today's most pressing challenges and lays the groundwork for a better tomorrow.

Peking University was the first comprehensive national university in China and has been a crown jewel in China’s higher education system since its founding in 1898. It is currently ranked 1st in Asia and 12th in the world according to the QS World University Rankings 2023. The University has been involved in key moments of China’s history, playing a pioneering role in the country’s modernization and facilitating its engagement with the world.

Source: Guanghua School of Management