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[Lecture] Structure and mechanism of type V CRISPR-Cas12 effectors
Mar. 20, 2023

Speaker: Dr. Leifu Chang, Department of Biological Sciences of Purdue University

Time: 9:00-10:00 am, March 20, 2023, GMT+8

Venue: Zoom Meeting ID: 910 9636 7823 Passcode: cqb2023


Type V CRISPR-Cas systems are featured by RNA-guided Cas12 effector nucleases and have been developed as tools for genome editing and molecular diagnostics. Compared to type II Cas9 effectors that contain both RuvC and HNH nuclease domains, Cas12 effectors only contain a RuvC nuclease domain. The functions of Cas12 effectors are highly diverse, including RNA-guided DNA cleavage, RNA-guided RNA cleavage, and RNA-guided DNA transposition. In this seminar, I will discuss our recent structural and mechanistic studies on Cas12 effectors and their regulation by inhibitor proteins using cryo-EM and biochemical approaches.


Dr. Leifu Chang received his Ph.D. in Life Sciences from Tsinghua University in 2012. He later started his Postdoctoral training at the Institute of Cancer Research (London). Followed he spent four years at the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology of Cambridge as an investigator scientist. In 2018, Dr. Chang joined the faculty of Department of Biological Sciences of Purdue University.The Leifu Chang Research Group focuses on cryo-EM and the biochemical reconstitution of large protein and protein-nucleic acid complexes to determine structure, function, and regulation. Currently, Dr. Chang and his research group are interested in CRISPR-Cas systems and cell-cycle regulation.  

Source: School of Life Sciences