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[Lecture] Recent progress on random multiplicative functions
Aug. 14, 2023
Speaker: Max Wenqiang Xu (Stanford)

Time: 14:00-15:00 p.m., August 14, 2023, GMT+8

Venue: Room 1114, Sciences Building No. 1


Random multiplicative functions are probabilistic models for fundamental arithmetic functions. Number theorists' interest in the subject is motivated by using these probabilistic models to shed light on how the deterministic case should work.

There has been a lot of progress made in understanding them in the last decade with tools from both the probability theory side and the number theory side. For example, it turns out that this object is strongly connected to the object called Gaussian multiplicative chaos.

In this talk, I will introduce the main development in this actively studied area as well as some applications to problems in other areas.

Source: School of Mathematical Sciences