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[Lecture] Protein engineering tricks for real time visualization and control of cell signaling
Sep. 18, 2023

Speaker: Prof. Klaus M.Hahn, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Time: 2:00 p.m., September 18, 2023, GMT+8

Venue: Deng Youcai Hall, Jinguang Building


Control of cell behavior rests upon an extraordinary remodeling of the cell, using the same parts to accomplish purposes as distinct as apoptosis and proliferation. These transformations rely on differences in the kinetics or subcellular placement of signaling events, a level of regulation that can only be fully understood by studying protein activities within live cells and animals. This talk will focus on the migration ot cancer cels and how thev are guided by agned collagen fibers trom tumors to the vasculature. We will explore techniques to report and control the conformational changes of individual molecules using generally applicable approaches. Emphasis will be on Rho GTPase pathways and adhesion molecules regulated by mechanical force.

Dr. Hahn is the Thurman Distinguished Professor of Pharmacology, at the University of North Carolina at Chanel Hi. His lab focuses on two synergistic areas: 1) developing methods to visualizeand control protein activity in live cells and animals, and 2) applying these to shed light on the spatio-temporal control of signaling during metastasis and immune cell interactions. Dr. Hahn hasreceived the James Shannon Director's Award from the NIH, the Pearse Prize of the British RoyalMicroscopy Society, and is a fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. He founded the Olympus lmaging Center at UNC. Dr. Hahn has published over 100 peer-reviewed paper.including Science, Nature, Cell, etc. with h-index 70.

Source: China National Center for Multimode Trans-scale Biomedical lmaging National Biomedical lmaging Center, Peking University